Review: Chantelle Intuition Plunge in 30H, and Hipster 

I am reviewing quite the pretty one today!  Take a close look, before I start my jabbering:


This is the Chantelle Intuition Three Part Plunge in US size 30H (UK size 30FF) – which is the largest cup/smallest band size combination for this model. Like one of my favorite everyday bras (for its minimizing appearance – great for work and blousy tops!), Chantelle’s C Chic Sexy Unlined Plunge, this model also runs somewhat large in the cups – if you lean towards a UK 30G like I do, you may be able to fit in the 30H/30FF size.

Flashback to Chantelle C Chic Sexy in 30H:


Chantelle Intuition is similar in construction to the C Chic, but it has slightly narrower wires (C Chic has very wide wires), and definitely more projection at the apex (C Chic is fairly shallow throughout, which gives the very minimizing silhouette the photo above exhibits). 

With these attributes, Intuition is a bit more like Passionata’s Starlight Plunge (Passionata is a Chantelle brand), shown below, than C Chic, if you would like a point of reference. 


Ok, back to photos of Intuition! I first discovered Intuition at Nordstrom about a month ago, fell in love immediately, and though I waited until I had a 30% off discount at Barenecessities, still spent more than I wanted to and more than I usually do – especially since I had to have the whole set! Darn me! The bra retails at $88, and the panties (a tanga, hipster, and bikini) retail around $33 each. 

Below is at Nordstrom with the tanga panty, which I prefer but didn’t end up buying, for the mundane reason that I couldn’t find it on sale:


And here is the bra with the hipster, which is also quite nice. The back is cheeky and sheer with a cute bow detail. 

The aesthetic here is a perfect combination of timeless beauty and sexy. The embroideried flowers are so serene, too. Note the teeny cut-out at the gore, and finely sculpted black bow right below (dramatic description – but I love an especially good bow!). The bottom of the cups feature a champagne color with a slight sheen. So tasteful and unique.


The photos do reveal some shallowness at the bottom of the cup, which isn’t suitable for everyone. Though I have some bottom projection, my breasts are malleable enough that I do not experience fit problems due to this issue. Note, again, that there is some apex projection. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this bra at this size for all-over shallow breasts. This bra, at this size, wants some fullness. 


Even fullness would probably be best. There is the teeniest cutting-in effect on my upper fullness/tall roots. Definitely not enough to stop me from loving the fit of this bra!


The photo below may reveal the slightest bit of intra-cup quadboob too (because of the change in material between the two halves of the cup), but this is only a potential problem if you have softer (not firm) breasts. 

A view of the wires:


On the wider side, but nothing too dramatic. Also, gives a rounded, natural shape. 

Chantelle’s 30 band in general is not the tightest 30 band ever, and this one is no exception, but they are usually rather sturdy and supportive. This band has 2 rows and 4 columns of hooks (The Passionata, above, also surprised me with the 4 columns)!  Nice touch! This makes me feel a little better about needing to start on the second column of hooks for requisite tightness. 



Well, what else can I say? I’m a fan!

The Intuition Plunge also comes in white and light blue, and in an unlined Demi that has a much smaller size range (sadly). I do wish Chantelle would consider expanding beyond a US H cup (and very few of their present styles even go up this high. Maybe 3?).  What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Review: Chantelle Intuition Plunge in 30H, and Hipster 

  1. I’ve been in love with the Intuition for a while now and have wondered why more bloggers haven’t raved about it. I keep meaning to try the demi. This is such a helpful review!


    • Thanks for your comment! I know, I was surprised I hadn’t heard about this beauty of a bra before randomly sighting it while browsing Nordstrom. I was pretty amazed it came in 30H – so few from Chantelle do. And only the plunges! I am hoping Chantelle can put out a Demi in that size as well.


  2. looks great! wanted to offer a slight clarification when you say that the cups ‘run big.’
    European-sized bras, like some American bras, DON’T have a 1:1 correlation with their UK cup size counterparts, despite what the label conversion says. It varies by brand, but there tends to be a bigger jump between cups, or they start out bigger (eg EU D can equal British DD).

    So the C Chic cups actually run a little small for Chantelle; I don’t have any experience with the Intuition. It’s nice that you’re doing Chantelle reviews! A lot of bloggers/people who talk about bras on the internet have a frankly irritating attitude of ‘if it’s not british or polish it won’t fit me because they only go up to x cup.’ there’s def some truth to that in the really big cup sizes, but those of us who can fit FF, G, GG, H UK can often find a fit in an EU G or H cup.


    • Sorry for taking so long to respond Elise! This was very helpful and interesting. I never knew quite how to classify Chantelle in terms of sizing. I feel the same way about Le Mystere. I always figured the conversion on the tag to 30FF was pretty accurate, since I wear 30FF quite often!


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