Review: Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra (4510) in 30FF

I am always on the look out for some good T-shirt bras in the full bust world. While each of the big brands has a few different seamless styles that purportedly give a smooth shape under clothes, it’s still sometimes not easy to find a holy grail – that one that really works for you.

Most seamless bras are padded bras made with foam moulding. This means that the cups themselves are moulded into a shape, and the fit depends on how much that shape matches the shape of your boobs (seamed, non-moulded bras, on the other hand, allow seams to give the support while the fabric of the bra then conforms more to the shape of your breast).  For this reason, moulded bras can be a tricky fit! The usual problem is that they are too shallow or too wide, and an additional problem is that there are few of this style that go past a UK H cup. 

I have reviewed (and own, and wear) a variety of different T-shirt bras. Most are not quite perfect for me because of shallowness or because the thick foam makes my boobs look too big for my frame! Today, for example, I wore my nude Cleo Maddie under a fitted shirt, tucked into some higher waisted slacks, and I’m pretty sure I looked slightly pornstar-esque. Oops :/

Enter the Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt bra, in 30FF:

This bra gives a slightly more minimized look under clothes compared to your Decos and your Cleos. And there are many other advantages. 

For one, so comfortable. Every part of this bra. So soft. Second, the cups fit me like a glove. They are more projected at the bottom of the cups compared to your average moulded bra in this size range, and the tops of the cups are open enough for upper and inner fullness. 

The bra gives just the right amount of uplift and cleavage (it’s actually pretty sexy – much more so than Fantasie’s other smooth styles like Rebecca, which was too full-coverage and blah on me), but there is also a good amount of containment for everyday wear because of the balcony cut and higher gore. The cup height is low enough, however, that it works well with lower necklines, especially scoop necks. The amount of padding is just right, too. Not too thick or too rigid, but thick enough that it hides most “nipplage”.

Fantasie, in my experience, has very consistent sizing, and the cups run one cup size large compared to many other brands. So you wanna size down. I am consistently 30FF in Fantasie, even though I am commonly 30G in other brands. This style goes up to a H cup, and down in band size to a 30. While I usually find Fantasie 30 bands to be too large for me, this one is actually tighter – or at least more supportive. 

Wires are not insanely wide, nor are they narrow. I like ’em. 

Now the silliest thing here is that this is a T-shirt bra, and I forgot to take pics with a shirt on! Whoops! Trust me though – this bra is the best I have ever seen under a shirt. Don’t see a thing! Usually I can see the tops of the cups at least a little through a shirt for most moulded bras (Deco, Parfait Casey, Cleo Neve,  Panache Porcelain Plunge – Cleo Maddie is actually not bad on this point though), but for this one it’s invisible perfection. 

What do you think of this bra? Have you given it a try?

Review: Comexim Ingrid in 65HH

Here is another Comexim plunge that I was fortunate enough to buy off a bratabaser. Ingrid was actually very high up on my I-WILL-DIE-IF-THIS-BRA-DOES-NOT-GRACE-MY-BOOBS mental list. Yeah, I have intense mental lists…

My complexion is on the warmer side of neutral, and before I went blonde I had auburn hair, so I love to wear warm colors – especially Autumn colors! Ingrid features a warm vintage floral with muted orange, brown, and green, atop a cream base.  So unique. I really love it. 


Ingrid in 65HH fits differently from the last Comexim plunge I reviewed, Poison Ivy in 60J – even though they are sister sizes. I talked about how Poison Ivy gave me an extremely projected shape. Ingrid is definitely less projected – which may mean that the bra is altogether more shallow. I didn’t find it to be too shallow for me however, and I loved the more minimized shape it gave me. And by minimized, I mean the bra holds my boobs a bit closer to my body and less “out there.”


The wires are Comexim’s typically narrow ones – which, as you can see below, may in fact be too narrow for me. But they are soft wires, and there is no discomfort. Aaaaand…. I love how much room is around my armpits! No annoying chafing with this bra!


A really splendid, rounded, uplifted shape: 


The cups fit me like a glove. They seem to be made for my root height. There is a teeny bit of popping out with my larger boob every now and then, but it’s not noticeable under clothing.  


Now I just need to get hold of the matching panties – this bra deserves it!


Ingrid is still available on Comexim’s website for purchase, FYI. 

Stay tuned! In upcoming posts, we’ll see Ewa Michalak again, as well as some boob-friendly clothing!