Review: Comexim Pioson Ivy in 60J

Back to bloggin’! Sorry for the break this month. Traveling, relatives – the whole summer thing!

I purchased the Comexim Pioson Ivy (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) in 60J about a month ago from a lovely bratabase user. I didnt originally have this style on my “must-have-from-Comexim” list, but I saw many good reviews of its beauty. And indeed, it’s not only a beauty, but quite an original as well. Take a look:

A forest green, leafy lace pattern covers a soft nude base, which has a slight sheen. Forest green is “in” for this fall, so Comexim is ahead of the trends! However, I certainly haven’t seen forest green lingerie all across the board.  I’m not sure why – I’m sure there are others besides myself who want to run around feeling like elven maidens under their clothes (full disclosure: as a teenager I had the screen name “an elf maiden.” Total Tolkein nerd)!

This was my first experience with a Comexim padded plunge (before I had only tried the Joy longline, which is a padded half cup). Comexim padded plunges use very thin padding (which I quite like) and are seamed. This bra here is an unaltered 60J, which fits me perfectly (Comexim offers very inexpensive alterations, such as moving the straps in, lowering or raising the gore or cups, broadening the band, etc.). Take a look:


The bra gives me Y cleavage, which I actually rarely get. I realized why recently. Most of my bras are somewhat shallow with comparably wider wires, and cause a smushed cleavage by pushing my boobs up and in (to my chest). Since I have tall roots, the tissue simply gets pushed up in a gradual sloping shape up towards my collarbone, and the boobs don’t get defined in that nice round Y shape. But since this bra is a ton more projected, with narrower wires, it pushes my boobs up and out – as if I am holding my boobs up with my hands (or like “cakes on a plate”).  So bam! Comexim’s projection and narrow wires = Y cleavage for my tall rooted breasts. Fascinating!

I am a little sad that the big, pretty bow is so obscured by how close together and projected the cups are. But that’s the price you pay for awesome close and projected cups, I guess!

Below, a good look at the very rounded profile that Comexim padded plunges give, as well as the narrower wires: 

Above, you can also get a sense of the more projected look this bra offers, but you can see it even more in the photos below:

That is a lot of “out there” boob! 

To be honest, as I much as I love this bra and how it looks on me, I am having a hard time actually wanting to wear it under clothes. It is so much boob that it isn’t quite the everyday look I am going for – especially in the summer with tank tops! I do think it will get more wear as the weather cools down, and I cover up more. 

Interestingly, not all Comexim plunges are this projected. I also received recently a Comexim Ingrid in a sister-size, 65HH (review coming soon!) This bra also fits perfectly, but it has a more minimal look (I think the reason may be a combination of it’s being slightly less open in the middle, and slightly more shallow). Because of this, I reach more often for the Ingrid than the Pioson Ivy, but I’m pleased as punch to see both of them in my metaphorical “top drawer” (in reality it’s my bottom drawer… Hehe) every morning. 

A word on comfort: my entire upper torso is relatively content. Straps and tops of the cups aren’t terrorizing my armpits, and the 28 band is firm and supportive. 

Finally, the bra under a tank top: 

The seams on Comexim padded plunges are thankfully not too noticeable (I would wear them to work), although I believe the lace on this style shows through a thin top just a bit. 

We’ll take a closer look at the Comexim Ingrid next time, which, like Pioson Ivy, is also aesthetically “perfect for Fall.”

Très amicalement,