Review: Comexim Victoria in 65J

I pretty much ordered Comexim’s new Victoria halfcup right when it went up on the website last month. Eyelash lace. Navy. Eyelash lace. Navy. Yes yes yes!

I have good fits in Comexim plunges in sizes 60J and 65HH (roughly, UK sizes 28GG and 30G).  The only halfcup I had tried was in longline form, the gorgeous Joy longline. At the time, I took the advice of others, and went up one cup size for the halfcups –  to 60K.  It was a fairly good fit (more on that in a little bit, below), so I decided to go with an equivalent cup size for Victoria, going with 65J (60K was not listed as a possible selection on the website – not sure why).

My first order from Comexim last Spring took exactly 3 weeks. This time it took longer to sew the bra, and the bra didn’t ship for 3 weeks, and then arrived around the 4 week mark. I should also note that while my first order had a working USPS tracking number, this second order’s tracking number never worked for USPS. I am not sure why, and I know I wasn’t the only one having this problem. I hope it can get fixed – it’s scary ordering from Poland without being able to keep close tabs on your package! I also had to sign for this one, FYI.

Though it’s rough to wait so long for a bra, especially in the days of Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, I do think it’s worth it to have a bra made to order for you. Quite special. 

Including shipping, this beautiful bra cost about $40. Total bargain. Let’s take a look:


So fancy. My boobs are feeling pampered. 

Upon first putting this bra on, however, I was surprised at how much cup coverage there was. I think it looks more full coverage because of the eyelash lace extending off the cups. There is some nice cleavage, however, and I welcome the narrow gore (good for close set breasts).

The padding is Comexim’s usual very light foam, which I enjoy. The materials are smooth and comfortable, though the comfort is compromised a tad by the ubiquitous straps-in-armpits phenomenon. Honestly, I think I am starting to get used to that feeling?


Comexim halfcups, as many have declared, are more shallow than the plunges – particularly at the apex. I think this halfcup in particular may be more shallow than the halfcup on my Joy longline, however. The bottom is not too bad in terms of projection, and there is some good inner projection for inner fullness as well – rather, my main issue is the slight shallowness of the tops of the cups (or maybe the cups are simply too small? It is hard to tell!). In the next few photos you will see the resulting quadboob, which made this bra in this size unfortunately untenable for me. I did sell sweet, sweet Victoria. 


Above, the wires are still pretty darn narrow! Especially for a half cup. 


Oof – quadboob. Particularly when I stand up straight. 


Brilliant round shape as usual, though. 


Below is a photo of Joy longline in the same cup size.  The quadboob situation is not as precarious, but now that I think about it, this may be because the wires don’t fully tack on the longline. I remembered a little too late that if I push the wires in, there is more quadboob. What this means is that my real size in the halfcups is actually 2 cups higher than my plunge size – a 60L or 65K. Seeing as I have not tried these sizes yet, however, there is a chance those sizes might be too big (since the lower sizes are so close to working).  If that’s the case, and I am somewhere in between sizes, or there is a shape mismatch – well, then what a freaking shame!

I really adore the eyelash lace on the wings. Nice touch:


The 65J band had 4 columns and 3 rows of hooks and eyes. It is nice to have that extra column to give the bra longevity. My 27ish inch underbust fit best on the second hooks. Because the band is wide, it feels very supportive, and is flattering on back fat. 


Under a shirt, below, fantastic cleavage, and hardly any sign of seams:


From the front, the breasts appear spread out and wide. This results in a slightly more minimized look from the side:


All in all, I wish this bra worked better for me. I definitely want to try another Comexim halfcup, but I am unsure regarding size and alterations! Anyone have any ideas? And boy do I have a lot to choose from: between Comexim’s latest offerings up on their new website, and some of their older offerings I am still drooling over, I just made a wishlist about 10 “candidates” long last night…

Save me!

Coming up next – the delightfully mod Cleo Hettie set and an AMAZING Chantelle set that I, apparently, had to have. 


9 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Victoria in 65J

    • Hehe I had a feeling people would say that! Maybe the photos aren’t capturing it well. I usually can handle some quadboob, but this was definitely too bad for comfort. Popping out more than usual to the point where the situation felt unstable.


  1. This looks beautiful in its intended half-cup form! I have the plunge version, but it seems to lay flat for both under shirts (thank goodness). I know people advise going up one size for the half-cups, but I feel like this would benefit from being half a cup larger for you, if that could possibly be done!


  2. Have any of the Comexim bras you tried had alterations (straps moved in, raised/reduced gore? If not, is that something you are interested in?


    • I have never tried alterations. The plunges seem to fit me perfectly without alterations. This halfcup, the Victoria, is a one-seamed halfcup which seems to be too shallow for my shape. I’m not sure if alterations would fix that. However, I have a two-seamed halfcup coming soon – hoping for better results! If it doesn’t work, I may consider whether any alterations could make the halfcups viable. At the very least, I could probably use the straps moved in for the halfcups! The straps on my Joy longline are fairly wide and bothersome after awhile.


  3. Now that you have tried the longline, 1 seamed half cup and 2 seamed half cup; would you try the 1 seamed HC again in a different size? Would it not give a more minimized side profile in a cup larger?


    • That’s actually a good point. That could be a next step for me – trying a 65K in the 1 seamed halfcup. I think I was so turned off from the 1 seamers after the Victoria experience, and especially after hearing about and fitting well in the 2 seamer, that I didn’t even consider that option. But you’re right – the problem might be solved 1 size up, with my preferred minimized shape, to boot! Thanks for sharing this idea!


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