“T-shirt” bras face off! Part 1.

When I was wearing the wrong bra size (for a good 10 years between puberty and last year…oops), I did not normally wear the typical American “T-shirt” plunge bra, which is supposed to give you a smooth and round appearance under even the thinnest of t-shirts. There were two main reasons: 1) I felt like my boobs were already big enough, and a molded bra just made me look even less proportionate than I thought I already looked, and 2) I usually couldn’t find a molded bra with big enough cups – especially since it didn’t take much experimentation to realize early enough that any bra above a 32 band was too big for me (and would ride up horribly). And let me tell ya, the 32D and 32DD moulded plunges I would buy (TJ Maxx – $5-$10 a pop!) and try to stuff myself into were not the most attractive look.

So, every now and then I wore a Maidenform or Natori, or even rarer, a Victoria’s Secret molded plunge, but for the most part I tried to squeeze into unlined bras that still didn’t fit, but would hopefully make my boobs look smaller.

Soon after I discovered that 32DDD wasn’t the smallest band/largest cup size combination, I decided to try out T-shirt bras again.  This may be too much information, but this moment also coincided with 1) my no longer being so concerned about minimizing my breasts, 2) my being obsessed with the look of a black 32D Josie by Natori molded plunge bra that I possessed but couldn’t wear – and wanting to recreate it in my size, and 3) a (very rude) university student of mine writing on her course evaluation that she could see the seams of my (unlined) bra through my shirt (yeah. There’s a feminist point to make here, as well as a lot to say about the difficulty of being a young female professor, and being judged more for your appearance than your work  – but that’s for another time!).

When I tried on my first T-shirt bras that fit, the cups appeared huge before I put them on. But after clasping, twisting, and scooping, I was amazed. Cups that contained all my breast tissue! I hadn’t even known that was a thing!

In what follows, I will show you a few T-shirt bras that I have tried, and compare and contrast along the way. There will be a Part 2 post, and quite possibly a Part 3.

First up, Parfait’s Casey in European Nude, size 30FF. Casey has 3 hooks in the back, which makes the bra nicely supportive (Freya’s Deco only has 2). This compensates for the length of the band: the 30 band in this size and colorway runs large. I had to start on the second hook.  In terms of wire length and shape, Casey has wires that are not too much wider than the Deco’s – medium, I’d say – and can probably work for shapes that are shallow to medium projection.

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Some “quick” reviews of recent offerings from Freya, Panache, Cleo, Fantasie

I went on a little shopping trip yesterday, and had the opportunity to try on some recent styles I have been curious about. These will of course be “quick” reviews, since I only got to spend time with each bra in a dressing room.

First up is the Cleo Minnie.  The photos below are 30FF, but I also tried sizes 30G and 28G. The 30G enclosed all my tissue nicely, but looked a little sad – sometimes I go for a smidge smaller in the cups, in order to get a better lift/more cleavage! The 30FF accomplished that well, while the 28G was actually too small in the cups.  Here are some photos:

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A Quest for Full Bust Bikini Tops, Part 2

I reviewed a few ASOS bikini tops and a Miss Mandalay bikini top last week, and today’s post I will add to my full bust swim exploration!

First up, we have a keeper from ASOS’ full bust D-G brand. It is ASOS Fuller Bust Miami Palm Print Longline Bikini Top DD-G, and it retails for $36. I have been wanting to try a longline for the past year, but haven’t until now had a chance. I love the longline fad (is it a fad? I think it should stay!) especially for full busts, because the extra fabric (and sometimes boning) down the torso adds to the bra’s support. Longlines also seem to have a smoothing effect where there would normally be a a slight poofing out of skin/flesh below a tight, supportive band. The smoothing effect makes your torso look smaller, and can function to create a more pronounced hourglass shape.

ASOS’ bikini longline, below, is exactly what I had hoped for:

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Review of Fantasie Allegra Vertical Seam Bra

Greetings, all. I will have another swim top post coming soon, but today I thought I might share my experiences with Fantasie’s new vertical seam bra, the Allegra. I bought this bra in size 30FF (whereas I am usually a 28GG/30G in other brands).

Allegra boasts beautiful Swiss embroidery. It has a sophisticated and sultry look, and the red color here (which has a hint of a raspberry tone) is pretty juicy. Continue reading

A Quest for Full Bust Bikini Tops, Part 1

So, here we are, beginning with full bust swimwear. This will be the first post of at least two posts – but really, however long it takes me to settle on the perfect swimsuits for this summer.  In what follows, I will review a few triangle bikinis, some of ASOS’ current full bust offerings, and the Miss Mandalay Los Angeles bikini.

[First, a word on the validity of the following reviews. My reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, as I can only judge how clothing fits my particular breasts.  If you are in my size range (28GG/30G), and have a similar shape to mine (even fullness to full on top, moderate projection, average root width, tall roots), you may find my reviews particularly relevant and helpful!]

As a young teen, before I grew my bosom (I was a late bloomer–but boy did it bloom!), I was never allowed to wear cute little triangle string bikini tops.  Mom didn’t like them. Unfortunately, before long, I couldn’t wear cute little triangle string bikini tops.  They simply didn’t come in my size. Let alone any other bikini top that I was aware of.

In the past few years, before I discovered full bust brands, I did have some luck with Old Navy, surprisingly:  I could jam myself into their triangle bikinis in size XL. Now, it wasn’t the best fit, and string bikini tops are inherently too shallow for a bust with moderate projection. It wasn’t supportive, and it could be painful on the neck after awhile. It could be sexy, to some extent, but it would also flatten my boobs oddly from the side view. Tying the back and neck tight enough, especially if I did not force some unsuspecting companion to do so, was always a pain in the ass. Worst of all, the boobs would tend to want to leak out the bottom of the cups. Underboob is mortifying, for a gal like me.

However, if you are a little bit smaller than me cupwise, let’s say somewhere between 30E and 30FF (and all sister sizes) the Old Navy XL may be a good fit for you: if a string bikini is what you’re looking for. Here is a photo of poor me, trying to make this bikini top work:

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First, Introductions are in Order

Hello, potential, not-yet-actualized readers. You may call me, for fun, Little Lucie – a character in the book which has inspired the title of this blog.  Unsurprisingly, I did think that “A Tale of Two Titties” would be a better pun on Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, (and my fiancé emphatically agreed). However, I figured that “A Tale of Two Boobs” may be slightly less offensive to many!

This blog is about my foray into the full bust world of bras, lingerie, and clothing. I was introduced to real, live full bust bra brands a little over a year ago, and this awareness kinda blew my mind – to say the least. No longer trying to shove myself in 32DDs out of not-so-blissful ignorance, I am happily finding much better fits somewhere around 28GG/30G. This blog is intended to showcase the trials, tribulations, temptations, and triumphs of navigating the full bust world – albeit, from a limited perspective.

A little bit about me. I am a late twenty-something doctoral student (a discipline in the humanities), and am now dissertating and teaching undergrads. This means, of course, that I have no money, but more relevantly it means that I may talk some about my troubles and concerns acquiring a “professional” wardrobe with a full bust!  I have deep affection for dogs (especially my own), and I am quick to cry during minimally sad or touching scenes from my ever-expanding circuit of TV shows (My fiance, dog, and I live on the couch).

In my first post, I will discuss a few of ASOS’ full bust swim options. See you then!


Little Lucie