Review: Cleo Hettie in 30FF

Well! I didn’t mean to do that! And by “that” I mean not post since November. The end of the semester and holiday travels regrettably got the best of me!

I should be back on a somewhat regular schedule again, starting with tried and true Cleo by Panache in this post: the new Hettie style. 

Cleo unlined bras were some of my first bras that fit a few years ago. Both Lucy and Marcie have medium wires, some bottom and all-around projection, and produce the grandest of round, uplifted shapes. In my experience, Marcie is a bit more open on top, and Lucy a bit less open on top (though Lucy still works for my upper fullness).

Compared to Lucy and Marcie (unfortunately I have never tried Lily), Hettie has something new: stretch lace at the top, to allow for a close fit no matter how much upper fullness you have. In that respect, Hettie is similar to the Panache Jasmine. 


While I love the stretch lace, it’s a double edged sword for me: my tissue is soft enough that the difference in the materials between the light, stretchy top lace and the stronger fabric below the diagonal seam cause a bit of intra-cup quadboob – especially if I do a super swoop-and-scoop. This was not a deal breaker for me, because I loved everything else about this bra!


These initial photos are from the Nordstrom dressing room. Pro tip: remember that Nordstrom price-matches! Figleaves had Hettie about $10 less, so I price-matched at Nordstrom to enjoy Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns (which Figleaves sadly does not have).

I had not planned to like Hettie, but upon seeing the bra in person I couldn’t resist. The bra is light and smooth to the touch – a different feel compared to the tougher Lucy or Marcie. Because the bra felt so light I was wondering if it would offer as much support. 

Boy, did it:


Typical round, Cleo uplift!

As the photos show, the bra is a mod combination of deep blue and black lace (reminding me of a night sky), with just perfect flares: a pink bow (crooked, albeit) and lighter, brighter blue (cobalt) straps. 

I admit that I simply could not get over the pink bow in the middle of black and blue. After leaving Nordstrom empty-handed, I had to have it back! The pink bow was haunting me!

The panties in size small (UK 8) were a fairly good fit as well, and this is one of those bras that needs its panties (again, because of the pink bow)!


Closer shot of the cobalt strap, the lace design, and the little dots all over the blue cups (and the intra-cup quadboob):


The 30 band is firm and tight enough for my 27ish underbust. Like all Cleo bands, there are two rows of hooks. The wires are about the same as the wires on Lucy and Marcie:


Lovely fit in the cups:


I’m very happy with this Hettie set. It’s surprisingly comfortable (especially by the second wear – I was lounging around in it without discomfort) and a special consultant of mine thinks it’s sexy!

More reviews of Hettie: (note, the GG+ sizes reviewed below have a slightly different construction, as is usually the case with Cleo unlined bras, with a double layer of fabric and padding on the straps)

Becky’s Boudoir – 30H

Hourglassy – 28GG


7 thoughts on “Review: Cleo Hettie in 30FF

  1. I’ve wanted to try the Hettie for a while – I think it’s super pretty with the black and blue contrasting the ribbon. I’m a very similar size and shape to you, quite full on top, but usually take a 28GG/H in Cleo – I’m thinking I might try a 30G just so I get the more sheer lace, and since the 30 band is tight enough on your 27″ underbust which is similar to mine 🙂


    • Definitely try the 30G! I usually wear the same size or a size down from you, so I think one size up for you in this one may be just right. Because of the stretch lace, the cups can handle some excess fullness!

      I really tend to like the construction of Cleos much better below the GG threshold. When I first tried Lucy, 28G was a tad too small, and while 28GG fit, the construction was wider and there was more fabric. So I kept the 28G at that point, and didn’t regret it!


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