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You may call me, for fun, Little Lucie – a character in the book which has inspired the title of this blog.  Unsurprisingly, I did think that “A Tale of Two Titties” would be a better pun on Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, However, I figured that “A Tale of Two Boobs” may be slightly less offensive to many!

This blog is about my foray into the full bust world of bras, lingerie, and clothing. I was introduced to real, live full bust bra brands a little over a year ago, and this awareness kinda blew my mind – to say the least. No longer trying to shove myself in 32DDs out of not-so-blissful ignorance, I am happily finding much better fits somewhere around 28GG/30G. This blog is intended to showcase the trials, tribulations, temptations, and triumphs of navigating the full bust world – albeit, from a limited perspective.

I am a late twenty-something doctoral student, and am now dissertating and teaching undergrads.  I have deep affection for dogs (especially my own), and I am quick to cry during minimally sad or touching scenes from my ever-expanding circuit of TV shows (My fiance, dog, and I live on the couch).

Size/Shape specs: 28G/28GG/30FF/30G, even to full on top, inner fullness, medium projection, tall roots of medium width, petite upper torso (stop chafing my armpits, will ya!).

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