Review: Comexim Beauty Halfcup in 65J

It may appear I have a black and beige bra problem. Today’s post features one, my last post featured one (Comexim Geisha), a few posts ago featured one (Chantelle Intuition), and one of my upcoming posts will feature one. What the heck!?

It’s entirely unintentional and contingent, believe me.  I did buy the Chantelle Intuition new, fully on purpose, but the 3 consequent beige/black bras were bought used. When the price is right, and when it’s Comexim or Ewa Michalak, you don’t nitpick the colors – you go for it, man!

Today I have for you Comexim Beauty halfcup, in size 65J.  Now, I have a lot of things to say about this bra – mostly analytical. How does this halfcup compare to the last Comexim halfcup I tried? How does the sizing compare to that of the Comexim plunges? I will let you know my own observations, with the caveat that my sample size is still pretty small.

But first, a gander:


Besides being able to see immediately how well this bra fits me, it should also be apparent that this is a good looking black and beige bra, at least! The lace overlay is classic, the black lace along the cup edges mixed with the embellished seams is bold, and the bows are distinguished and classy. (The panties are not Comexim – but I did a good job matching this time, didn’t I?)


Fit wise, well, I think this might be the best fit I have ever had. I made that remark about Geisha in my last post, but the times have changed. These cups fit like a glove, there is laudable room for inner and outer fullness, there is the perfect amount of coverage (not too much, not too little), the bra has been comfortable sitting around all day (some armpit touching, but not too bad), soft, comfy wires, the cleavage looks good, the projection is about right for me, the gore tacks but not too hard that it hurts – total win!


Now, you can see clearly that each cup in this halfcup has 2 vertical seams. This is Comexim’s 2 seam/3 part halfcup. This is valuable information, and something I recently learned about from the bra-fitting community – First, I think, from The Photog’s Brog, when she reviewed her Sonia and Victoria halfcups, and noted they each had two vertical seams per cup. My brows furrowed, because this contrasted with my Victoria, which only had one vertical seam per cup! 

My one seamed Victoria was not a good fit for me (too shallow) so I had been wondering if the two seamed halfcup would be a better fit. I hypothesized that it would, for 2 reasons: 1. My Comexim Joy longline had 2 seams per cup, and seemed better shapewise than Victoria had been, even though it was a bit too small to be certain. 2. The Photog’s brog offered a great Comparison of Comexim’s 2 seamed halfcups with Ewa Michalak’s CHP cut, and my overall takeaway was that if you have a good fit in CHP (I do), then Comexim’s 2 seamer should be a somewhat similar fit. 

See for yourself – the 2 vertical seams per cup on Beauty:

Amazing how the number of seams can make such a difference – I mean, duh, but I am fairly new to the science of bra construction and I didn’t even notice that my Victoria only had 1 seam!

Here, remember, is Victoria:

The shallowness and quadding is easier to see in the next photo. Note that this is the same size as my Beauty halfcup, 65J:

In the photo of Beauty below you can easily see the bottom of the cups allow for more projection (the Victoria cups curve upward quickly), and the cups remain more open on top. This indeed reminds me of Ewa Michalak’s CHP. 


Sources say that you can ask Comexim to make any of their halfcups with 2 seams instead of only 1, in the comments form when you order, for no extra charge. I will definitely be specifying this on future orders, especially since it is not always clear from the website photos which bras have how many seams! If you are shallower, however, you may want to specify the 1 seamed halfcup, of course. 

Some cool eyelash lace overlaying the beige band:


Above you can also see that the wires are not the narrowest Polish wires. The photo below, comparing a Comexim plunge in the same cup volume to the Beauty halfcup, makes this exceedingly evident:


(I think the angle of the photo might make the difference look even greater than it is, to be fair). The plunge’s wires measure a little less than 5.5 inches, while the halfcup’s wires are around 6 inches in length. The plunge’s wires are particularly U-shaped, while the halfcup’s wires are more smile-shaped. Honestly, both work fine for me. Comexim’s wires are fairly soft and flexible, so I have discomfort with neither configuration. 

A few more considerations regarding Comexim’s plunges and the 2 seamed halfcup: first, many people have said that one should size up from their normal Comexim plunge size for the halfcups. This may be true for the 1 seamed halfcups, but this was not true for me for the 2 seamed halfcup (though my sample size is limited). I am wearing the same cup volume in Beauty as my Geisha plunge. However, I also have fit fairly well in plunges one cup volume size down as well – so go figure!  


In the photo above, the difference in the cuts is also perhaps helpful. The halfcup is slightly lower cut (more horizontal cups) with a slightly higher gore (3 inches), while the plunge is slightly taller (by a half an inch) from the bottom of the strap to the middle of the bottom of the cup, and has a gore which measures about 2.75 inches. Both bras are fairly projected, though the halfcup has more projection at the bottom, and the plunge has more at the apex. 

Some photos of the plunge and the halfcup together, in the same cup volume:


Ok! I think I’ve said my piece, by this point!

Seriously though, I love this fit.

And the best part is that a Comexim bra, including shipping, is about 40 USD. It will take about a month to get to you – but the wait builds character! 😉  


Under a shirt:

Yes. I love it. Ok, so it’s still more projected than my ideal (my minimized, shallower “ideal” can only be achieved in an ill-fitting bra though…), and the seams show a bit, but the silhouette is round and not overly bulky. Looks a little like Cleo.


Until next time, folks!

4 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Beauty Halfcup in 65J

  1. This seriously looks fantastic on you!! I wholeheartedly agree this is your best fit yet. I’m super happy my blog posts were helpful too. There is most definitely a big difference between the 1 and 2 seam half cups! I did have problems with the wider wires in my 60J Sonia, but it’s also a size bigger than my other vertical seamed half cups. In my 60HH Victoria and Elena, the wires are very similar to my 60HH plunges (I think Victoria happens to run small, too, at least mine did). At any rate, the great thing about Comexim’s softer wires is they are bendable too, so I just made my Sonia a bit narrower!


    • That’s good to know that some of the halfcups (or at least at certain sizes) have narrower wires. When I was looking at the photo of my (no longer mine) Victoria in this post I noticed that the wires looked quite a bit narrower, more like the plunges. Maybe Beauty just runs wider in the wires, perhaps like Sonia. Thanks for the bending tip, too!

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