Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Famme Fatale in 65FF

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I’m sick this Valentine’s Day with the ubiquitous February cold, so I’ve just been lying on the couch in head-to-toe fleece, with a fleece blanket on top for good measure, watching British sitcoms on Netflix (this is not too different from when I’m not sick, however). 

In an alternate universe, however, I may be all dressed up going out to dinner, with Ewa Michalak’s Famme Fatale underneath:


This is an older CHP model, and I’m afraid it is no longer being sold on the website. If you do covet it, keep your eye on the secondhand market! You may get lucky!

I did get lucky. This set is really, really cool and unique. It’s so good, that I had to grab it, even though it was size 65FF. Just like my 65FF CHP Lawenda, this darling bra is also technically too small for me. The boobs are smushed into the cups fairly precariously! However, CHP cups are so open on top that they can take some extra tissue, if that extra tissue is upper fullness. 65G would surely provide a more secure and best fit for me, but 65FF in this discontinued special will have to do! 😀  


Like other CHPs, this bra comes with pads you can add (into inner sleeves) for extra boost or to correct assymetry, which is a great option. These photos are without the pads. This size definitely does not fit me with the pads!


Explicit corsetry detailing, low coverage, cleavage galore (especially if you go down a size!), a touch of eyelash lace, decorated straps, a giant bow – all make this bra an exemplar of sexy fabulousness!


An unexpected and romantic leaf design constitutes the lace pattern, as you can see above. 


Below, CHP’s bottom projection, narrower wires, and inimitable round shape are quite evident: 


(Yeah, my boobs are like, uhh Mom, can’t you get us a G cup?)

The matching thong is my first panty from the brand, and I am impressed. I have heard from many sources that Ewa’s panties are very comfortable and lovely, and this is entirely true. These are size 36, and they fit very well. They do not dig in, and they hug in the right places. The fabric is soft and easy.  And Ewa is not afraid of adding a big, wonderful bow to the back:


Some more technical details before we go. My CHP Lawenda had only partially adjustable straps (and I have to use a Strap Saver to make it work), but Famme Fatale, even with the front strap design, adjusts short enough for my short upper torso and high set boobs. If partially adjustable straps don’t work for you, be attentive when you order – the majority of Ewa’s bras are fully adjustable (it seems) but there are certainly quite a few that are not.


Can I say much about the comfort of this bra? I almost want to hold off on judging the comfort of CHP until I try a 65G. 65G would probably be my best cup size, but I do wonder how much the wires would increase in width or length, and whether the bra would be significantly more wideset (especially in the straps), which could decrease the comfort for me. I think that because this size is 65FF that its petiteness may work in my favor, comfort wise. Hoping a 65G could be just as comfortable!

What is your Valentine’s Day lingerie staple?


3 thoughts on “Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Famme Fatale in 65FF

    • There is a pretty good used market for Polish bras! There are 4 places to keep an eye on: braswap (on Reddit), the Facebook group called Clothes for Boobs, Bratabase, and sometimes EBay. I have bought and sold bras successfully on all 4!


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