Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Famme Fatale in 65FF

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I’m sick this Valentine’s Day with the ubiquitous February cold, so I’ve just been lying on the couch in head-to-toe fleece, with a fleece blanket on top for good measure, watching British sitcoms on Netflix (this is not too different from when I’m not sick, however). 

In an alternate universe, however, I may be all dressed up going out to dinner, with Ewa Michalak’s Famme Fatale underneath:


This is an older CHP model, and I’m afraid it is no longer being sold on the website. If you do covet it, keep your eye on the secondhand market! You may get lucky!

I did get lucky. This set is really, really cool and unique. It’s so good, that I had to grab it, even though it was size 65FF. Just like my 65FF CHP Lawenda, this darling bra is also technically too small for me. The boobs are smushed into the cups fairly precariously! However, CHP cups are so open on top that they can take some extra tissue, if that extra tissue is upper fullness. 65G would surely provide a more secure and best fit for me, but 65FF in this discontinued special will have to do! ๐Ÿ˜€  


Like other CHPs, this bra comes with pads you can add (into inner sleeves) for extra boost or to correct assymetry, which is a great option. These photos are without the pads. This size definitely does not fit me with the pads!


Explicit corsetry detailing, low coverage, cleavage galore (especially if you go down a size!), a touch of eyelash lace, decorated straps, a giant bow – all make this bra an exemplar of sexy fabulousness!


An unexpected and romantic leaf design constitutes the lace pattern, as you can see above. 


Below, CHP’s bottom projection, narrower wires, and inimitable round shape are quite evident: 


(Yeah, my boobs are like, uhh Mom, can’t you get us a G cup?)

The matching thong is my first panty from the brand, and I am impressed. I have heard from many sources that Ewa’s panties are very comfortable and lovely, and this is entirely true. These are size 36, and they fit very well. They do not dig in, and they hug in the right places. The fabric is soft and easy.  And Ewa is not afraid of adding a big, wonderful bow to the back:


Some more technical details before we go. My CHP Lawenda had only partially adjustable straps (and I have to use a Strap Saver to make it work), but Famme Fatale, even with the front strap design, adjusts short enough for my short upper torso and high set boobs. If partially adjustable straps don’t work for you, be attentive when you order – the majority of Ewa’s bras are fully adjustable (it seems) but there are certainly quite a few that are not.


Can I say much about the comfort of this bra? I almost want to hold off on judging the comfort of CHP until I try a 65G. 65G would probably be my best cup size, but I do wonder how much the wires would increase in width or length, and whether the bra would be significantly more wideset (especially in the straps), which could decrease the comfort for me. I think that because this size is 65FF that its petiteness may work in my favor, comfort wise. Hoping a 65G could be just as comfortable!

What is your Valentine’s Day lingerie staple?

Review: Comexim Beauty Halfcup in 65J

It may appear I have a black and beige bra problem. Today’s post features one, my last post featured one (Comexim Geisha), a few posts ago featured one (Chantelle Intuition), and one of my upcoming posts will feature one. What the heck!?

It’s entirely unintentional and contingent, believe me.  I did buy the Chantelle Intuition new, fully on purpose, but the 3 consequent beige/black bras were bought used. When the price is right, and when it’s Comexim or Ewa Michalak, you don’t nitpick the colors – you go for it, man!

Today I have for you Comexim Beauty halfcup, in size 65J.  Now, I have a lot of things to say about this bra – mostly analytical. How does this halfcup compare to the last Comexim halfcup I tried? How does the sizing compare to that of the Comexim plunges? I will let you know my own observations, with the caveat that my sample size is still pretty small.

But first, a gander:


Besides being able to see immediately how well this bra fits me, it should also be apparent that this is a good looking black and beige bra, at least! The lace overlay is classic, the black lace along the cup edges mixed with the embellished seams is bold, and the bows are distinguished and classy. (The panties are not Comexim – but I did a good job matching this time, didn’t I?)


Fit wise, well, I think this might be the best fit I have ever had. I made that remark about Geisha in my last post, but the times have changed. These cups fit like a glove, there is laudable room for inner and outer fullness, there is the perfect amount of coverage (not too much, not too little), the bra has been comfortable sitting around all day (some armpit touching, but not too bad), soft, comfy wires, the cleavage looks good, the projection is about right for me, the gore tacks but not too hard that it hurts – total win!


Now, you can see clearly that each cup in this halfcup has 2 vertical seams. This is Comexim’s 2 seam/3 part halfcup. This is valuable information, and something I recently learned about from the bra-fitting community – First, I think, from The Photog’s Brog, when she reviewed her Sonia and Victoria halfcups, and noted they each had two vertical seams per cup. My brows furrowed, because this contrasted with my Victoria, which only had one vertical seam per cup! 

My one seamed Victoria was not a good fit for me (too shallow) so I had been wondering if the two seamed halfcup would be a better fit. I hypothesized that it would, for 2 reasons: 1. My Comexim Joy longline had 2 seams per cup, and seemed better shapewise than Victoria had been, even though it was a bit too small to be certain. 2. The Photog’s brog offered a great Comparison of Comexim’s 2 seamed halfcups with Ewa Michalak’s CHP cut, and my overall takeaway was that if you have a good fit in CHP (I do), then Comexim’s 2 seamer should be a somewhat similar fit. 

See for yourself – the 2 vertical seams per cup on Beauty:

Amazing how the number of seams can make such a difference – I mean, duh, but I am fairly new to the science of bra construction and I didn’t even notice that my Victoria only had 1 seam!

Here, remember, is Victoria:

The shallowness and quadding is easier to see in the next photo. Note that this is the same size as my Beauty halfcup, 65J:

In the photo of Beauty below you can easily see the bottom of the cups allow for more projection (the Victoria cups curve upward quickly), and the cups remain more open on top. This indeed reminds me of Ewa Michalak’s CHP. 


Sources say that you can ask Comexim to make any of their halfcups with 2 seams instead of only 1, in the comments form when you order, for no extra charge. I will definitely be specifying this on future orders, especially since it is not always clear from the website photos which bras have how many seams! If you are shallower, however, you may want to specify the 1 seamed halfcup, of course. 

Some cool eyelash lace overlaying the beige band:


Above you can also see that the wires are not the narrowest Polish wires. The photo below, comparing a Comexim plunge in the same cup volume to the Beauty halfcup, makes this exceedingly evident:


(I think the angle of the photo might make the difference look even greater than it is, to be fair). The plunge’s wires measure a little less than 5.5 inches, while the halfcup’s wires are around 6 inches in length. The plunge’s wires are particularly U-shaped, while the halfcup’s wires are more smile-shaped. Honestly, both work fine for me. Comexim’s wires are fairly soft and flexible, so I have discomfort with neither configuration. 

A few more considerations regarding Comexim’s plunges and the 2 seamed halfcup: first, many people have said that one should size up from their normal Comexim plunge size for the halfcups. This may be true for the 1 seamed halfcups, but this was not true for me for the 2 seamed halfcup (though my sample size is limited). I am wearing the same cup volume in Beauty as my Geisha plunge. However, I also have fit fairly well in plunges one cup volume size down as well – so go figure!  


In the photo above, the difference in the cuts is also perhaps helpful. The halfcup is slightly lower cut (more horizontal cups) with a slightly higher gore (3 inches), while the plunge is slightly taller (by a half an inch) from the bottom of the strap to the middle of the bottom of the cup, and has a gore which measures about 2.75 inches. Both bras are fairly projected, though the halfcup has more projection at the bottom, and the plunge has more at the apex. 

Some photos of the plunge and the halfcup together, in the same cup volume:


Ok! I think I’ve said my piece, by this point!

Seriously though, I love this fit.

And the best part is that a Comexim bra, including shipping, is about 40 USD. It will take about a month to get to you – but the wait builds character! ๐Ÿ˜‰  


Under a shirt:

Yes. I love it. Ok, so it’s still more projected than my ideal (my minimized, shallower “ideal” can only be achieved in an ill-fitting bra though…), and the seams show a bit, but the silhouette is round and not overly bulky. Looks a little like Cleo.


Until next time, folks!

Review: Comexim Geisha in 70HH

[Edit: Wow, apparently I had the size wrong! I had thought (and initially wrote) that this bra was 65J – probably because that’s exactly how it fits. Very tight in the band for a 70.  It is actually the sister size, 70HH (I bought this bra used on bratabase). I have edited the post below in accord with this realization.]

Today I have on display Comexim’s beautiful Geisha in 70HH, which is a near perfect fit on me:

Geisha is the last Comexim plunge I have purchased, and my 3rd Comexim plunge total. Oddly, this plunge is a different size compared to the other two! My Poison Ivy and Ingrid are sister sizes, at 60J and 65HH respectively. Here I’m up a cup size and band size to 70HH. But all 3 fit nicely (with Ingrid being perhaps a little smaller than the others).

Geisha features a subtle Eastern inspired lace detail with blush flowers. Black mesh overlay over beige cups is a typical “sexy” lingerie design, but the exaggerated black seaming gives this bra a unique look. 


Comexim plunges have perfect height cups for my tall roots, and this one is no exception. The cups lay perfectly against tissue at all points with not a bit of gaping. The cup width and wire width is perfect, too – my breasts are pushed neatly forward and center and held there fully contained. 


The only quibble I have is tiny: I can use just the teeniest bit more space at the center for inner fullness. If I move around a lot there can be some ever so slight overflow in that area. It’s worth noting that Comexim plunges definitely vary on this factor. Poison Ivy, for example, has a lot more room in the center. 

Nice firm and sturdy band: 


Narrow wires, uplifted round shape:

It’s nice to see design carried over on the band! That’s unfortunately pretty rare. 


Yeah I know – that’s some pattern mixing above! Boy am I lazy…

The bottom projection of Comexim plunges are suitable for me, though I know that some people find there is not enough bottom projection. Comexim plunges are particularly projected at the apex, instead – the peak of the bra where your nipple is. 

This is a comfortable bra. All of my Comexim plunges are. The straps do appear close to the armpits, which often means bad news, but the materials are soft and inconspicuous somehow.  Comexim wires are also rather soft and flexible, too. I was trying to hang around the house in an Ewa Michalak SM the other day, and I gotta say – the poking wires made me take it off. Comexim wires are friendly wires. ๐Ÿ™‚


The most comfortable aspect of this bra is simply how well it fits. No fidgeting or adjusting during the day because everything stays put.  Come to think of it, it may be my technically best-fitting bra at the moment. 

The seams are actually not too visible under a tshirt:


But, alas, the reason why Geisha won’t get as much wear as she should – the big boob projected look.   Damn my professional wardrobe!


Seriously, Polish bras are my favorite in all respects – I just wish in-your-face boobs was a little more socially acceptable, and didn’t turn blouses into tents! 

Comexim Geisha is still available on Comexim’s website. Grab one before it leaves forever!

Review: Cleo Hettie in 30FF

Well! I didn’t mean to do that! And by “that” I mean not post since November. The end of the semester and holiday travels regrettably got the best of me!

I should be back on a somewhat regular schedule again, starting with tried and true Cleo by Panache in this post: the new Hettie style. 

Cleo unlined bras were some of my first bras that fit a few years ago. Both Lucy and Marcie have medium wires, some bottom and all-around projection, and produce the grandest of round, uplifted shapes. In my experience, Marcie is a bit more open on top, and Lucy a bit less open on top (though Lucy still works for my upper fullness).

Compared to Lucy and Marcie (unfortunately I have never tried Lily), Hettie has something new: stretch lace at the top, to allow for a close fit no matter how much upper fullness you have. In that respect, Hettie is similar to the Panache Jasmine. 


While I love the stretch lace, it’s a double edged sword for me: my tissue is soft enough that the difference in the materials between the light, stretchy top lace and the stronger fabric below the diagonal seam cause a bit of intra-cup quadboob – especially if I do a super swoop-and-scoop. This was not a deal breaker for me, because I loved everything else about this bra!


These initial photos are from the Nordstrom dressing room. Pro tip: remember that Nordstrom price-matches! Figleaves had Hettie about $10 less, so I price-matched at Nordstrom to enjoy Nordstrom’s free shipping and returns (which Figleaves sadly does not have).

I had not planned to like Hettie, but upon seeing the bra in person I couldn’t resist. The bra is light and smooth to the touch – a different feel compared to the tougher Lucy or Marcie. Because the bra felt so light I was wondering if it would offer as much support. 

Boy, did it:


Typical round, Cleo uplift!

As the photos show, the bra is a mod combination of deep blue and black lace (reminding me of a night sky), with just perfect flares: a pink bow (crooked, albeit) and lighter, brighter blue (cobalt) straps. 

I admit that I simply could not get over the pink bow in the middle of black and blue. After leaving Nordstrom empty-handed, I had to have it back! The pink bow was haunting me!

The panties in size small (UK 8) were a fairly good fit as well, and this is one of those bras that needs its panties (again, because of the pink bow)!


Closer shot of the cobalt strap, the lace design, and the little dots all over the blue cups (and the intra-cup quadboob):


The 30 band is firm and tight enough for my 27ish underbust. Like all Cleo bands, there are two rows of hooks. The wires are about the same as the wires on Lucy and Marcie:


Lovely fit in the cups:


I’m very happy with this Hettie set. It’s surprisingly comfortable (especially by the second wear – I was lounging around in it without discomfort) and a special consultant of mine thinks it’s sexy!

More reviews of Hettie: (note, the GG+ sizes reviewed below have a slightly different construction, as is usually the case with Cleo unlined bras, with a double layer of fabric and padding on the straps)

Becky’s Boudoir – 30H

Hourglassy – 28GG

Review: Chantelle Intuition Plunge in 30H, and Hipsterย 

I am reviewing quite the pretty one today!  Take a close look, before I start my jabbering:


This is the Chantelle Intuition Three Part Plunge in US size 30H (UK size 30FF) – which is the largest cup/smallest band size combination for this model. Like one of my favorite everyday bras (for its minimizing appearance – great for work and blousy tops!), Chantelle’s C Chic Sexy Unlined Plunge, this model also runs somewhat large in the cups – if you lean towards a UK 30G like I do, you may be able to fit in the 30H/30FF size.

Flashback to Chantelle C Chic Sexy in 30H:


Chantelle Intuition is similar in construction to the C Chic, but it has slightly narrower wires (C Chic has very wide wires), and definitely more projection at the apex (C Chic is fairly shallow throughout, which gives the very minimizing silhouette the photo above exhibits). 

With these attributes, Intuition is a bit more like Passionata’s Starlight Plunge (Passionata is a Chantelle brand), shown below, than C Chic, if you would like a point of reference. 


Ok, back to photos of Intuition! I first discovered Intuition at Nordstrom about a month ago, fell in love immediately, and though I waited until I had a 30% off discount at Barenecessities, still spent more than I wanted to and more than I usually do – especially since I had to have the whole set! Darn me! The bra retails at $88, and the panties (a tanga, hipster, and bikini) retail around $33 each. 

Below is at Nordstrom with the tanga panty, which I prefer but didn’t end up buying, for the mundane reason that I couldn’t find it on sale:


And here is the bra with the hipster, which is also quite nice. The back is cheeky and sheer with a cute bow detail. 

The aesthetic here is a perfect combination of timeless beauty and sexy. The embroideried flowers are so serene, too. Note the teeny cut-out at the gore, and finely sculpted black bow right below (dramatic description – but I love an especially good bow!). The bottom of the cups feature a champagne color with a slight sheen. So tasteful and unique.


The photos do reveal some shallowness at the bottom of the cup, which isn’t suitable for everyone. Though I have some bottom projection, my breasts are malleable enough that I do not experience fit problems due to this issue. Note, again, that there is some apex projection. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this bra at this size for all-over shallow breasts. This bra, at this size, wants some fullness. 


Even fullness would probably be best. There is the teeniest cutting-in effect on my upper fullness/tall roots. Definitely not enough to stop me from loving the fit of this bra!


The photo below may reveal the slightest bit of intra-cup quadboob too (because of the change in material between the two halves of the cup), but this is only a potential problem if you have softer (not firm) breasts. 

A view of the wires:


On the wider side, but nothing too dramatic. Also, gives a rounded, natural shape. 

Chantelle’s 30 band in general is not the tightest 30 band ever, and this one is no exception, but they are usually rather sturdy and supportive. This band has 2 rows and 4 columns of hooks (The Passionata, above, also surprised me with the 4 columns)!  Nice touch! This makes me feel a little better about needing to start on the second column of hooks for requisite tightness. 



Well, what else can I say? I’m a fan!

The Intuition Plunge also comes in white and light blue, and in an unlined Demi that has a much smaller size range (sadly). I do wish Chantelle would consider expanding beyond a US H cup (and very few of their present styles even go up this high. Maybe 3?).  What do you think?

Review: Comexim Victoria in 65J

Review: Comexim Victoria in 65J

I pretty much ordered Comexim’s new Victoria halfcup right when it went up on the website last month. Eyelash lace. Navy. Eyelash lace. Navy. Yes yes yes!

I have good fits in Comexim plunges in sizes 60J and 65HH (roughly, UK sizes 28GG and 30G).  The only halfcup I had tried was in longline form, the gorgeous Joy longline. At the time, I took the advice of others, and went up one cup size for the halfcups –  to 60K.  It was a fairly good fit (more on that in a little bit, below), so I decided to go with an equivalent cup size for Victoria, going with 65J (60K was not listed as a possible selection on the website – not sure why).

My first order from Comexim last Spring took exactly 3 weeks. This time it took longer to sew the bra, and the bra didn’t ship for 3 weeks, and then arrived around the 4 week mark. I should also note that while my first order had a working USPS tracking number, this second order’s tracking number never worked for USPS. I am not sure why, and I know I wasn’t the only one having this problem. I hope it can get fixed – it’s scary ordering from Poland without being able to keep close tabs on your package! I also had to sign for this one, FYI.

Though it’s rough to wait so long for a bra, especially in the days of Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, I do think it’s worth it to have a bra made to order for you. Quite special. 

Including shipping, this beautiful bra cost about $40. Total bargain. Let’s take a look:


So fancy. My boobs are feeling pampered. 

Upon first putting this bra on, however, I was surprised at how much cup coverage there was. I think it looks more full coverage because of the eyelash lace extending off the cups. There is some nice cleavage, however, and I welcome the narrow gore (good for close set breasts).

The padding is Comexim’s usual very light foam, which I enjoy. The materials are smooth and comfortable, though the comfort is compromised a tad by the ubiquitous straps-in-armpits phenomenon. Honestly, I think I am starting to get used to that feeling?


Comexim halfcups, as many have declared, are more shallow than the plunges – particularly at the apex. I think this halfcup in particular may be more shallow than the halfcup on my Joy longline, however. The bottom is not too bad in terms of projection, and there is some good inner projection for inner fullness as well – rather, my main issue is the slight shallowness of the tops of the cups (or maybe the cups are simply too small? It is hard to tell!). In the next few photos you will see the resulting quadboob, which made this bra in this size unfortunately untenable for me. I did sell sweet, sweet Victoria. 


Above, the wires are still pretty darn narrow! Especially for a half cup. 


Oof – quadboob. Particularly when I stand up straight. 


Brilliant round shape as usual, though. 


Below is a photo of Joy longline in the same cup size.  The quadboob situation is not as precarious, but now that I think about it, this may be because the wires don’t fully tack on the longline. I remembered a little too late that if I push the wires in, there is more quadboob. What this means is that my real size in the halfcups is actually 2 cups higher than my plunge size – a 60L or 65K. Seeing as I have not tried these sizes yet, however, there is a chance those sizes might be too big (since the lower sizes are so close to working).  If that’s the case, and I am somewhere in between sizes, or there is a shape mismatch – well, then what a freaking shame!

I really adore the eyelash lace on the wings. Nice touch:


The 65J band had 4 columns and 3 rows of hooks and eyes. It is nice to have that extra column to give the bra longevity. My 27ish inch underbust fit best on the second hooks. Because the band is wide, it feels very supportive, and is flattering on back fat. 


Under a shirt, below, fantastic cleavage, and hardly any sign of seams:


From the front, the breasts appear spread out and wide. This results in a slightly more minimized look from the side:


All in all, I wish this bra worked better for me. I definitely want to try another Comexim halfcup, but I am unsure regarding size and alterations! Anyone have any ideas? And boy do I have a lot to choose from: between Comexim’s latest offerings up on their new website, and some of their older offerings I am still drooling over, I just made a wishlist about 10 “candidates” long last night…

Save me!

Coming up next – the delightfully mod Cleo Hettie set and an AMAZING Chantelle set that I, apparently, had to have. 

Review: Freya Rio Balcony bra in 30FF

To continue my summary of my rendez-vous with Nordstrom last week, I have a quick review of the Freya Rio balcony bra. I have been wanting to try this bra for a long time! Freya offers many of their padded half cup and balcony plunge styles each season, but it seems like the plain ol’ balcony is a rare breed. 

This balcony has a classic shape – it is an unlined 3 part cup with some vertical seaming. It is also a classic bra for Freya – it has been a best-seller for many years, and is available in continuity colors black, beige, and white. 

I was really excited about the Jade fashion colorway when I saw the Autumn/Winter previews. It’s such a pretty shade!

Here’s Rio, in 30FF:


Rio is really cool looking. “They” describe it as having a “modern mesh look with chain link detail.” I guess? Haha. Anyway, it is not lacy, no flowers, no print – but it’s a good looking bra on its own terms!


My first impression when I put on this bra was that it seemed a teeny bit constrictive at the tops of the cups. This surprised me because I had heard this bra is good for a full on top shape. However, after I settled in, it’s really not bad at all, and I do think the tops would probably loosen over time. It’s totally workable. Because the cups aren’t very open, it’s not going to allow your full on top boobs to do what they do best – give super cleavage! – but it’s still a good fit, albeit more subtle and natural. 


I’m such a big fan of this color with my fair skin tone, and I love the hardware and cup edges!


I didn’t get a good photo of the wires, but I do not recall them being narrow. They were probably medium in length. There is some room for immediate projection at the bottom of the cup as well. This bra at this size definitely requires some overall projection. Shape is nice: a very subtle and rounded point. Probably very flattering under a top, though I didn’t try it!


The bra felt comfortable all around, though comfort is, frankly, hard to tell after wearing it for only five minutes. The 30 band felt fairly firm, but I have never owned a Freya 30 band and do not know how easily they stretch out firsthand (I have heard they get pretty stretchy). This bra does come in a 28 band, however, and goes up to a 38 band and an H cup.

I like this bra, and to be honest, I miss it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyone else have an opinion on Rio? How does it hold up to wear?