ASOS Full Bust Swim Reviews – 2016

Last Spring I was eager to find my first swim tops that fit. In fact, my very first blog reviews were swim tops!  I was eager, however, to not spend a ton of money on them, and specifically, not spend a ton of money trying them on. When I discovered that ASOS has its own comparably inexpensive line of DD+ swim tops, some of which are UK DD-G starting at a 30 band, and that ASOS has free shipping (I think with an order over $40), free returns, and a student discount, I ordered a whole bunch of tops to try. I wrote about my successes and failures here and here

While some of their tops in my size 30G (or if you are on the US page it will convert to US sizes – in my case 30I) were far too shallow (and I’ve heard similar complaints from many people), there were two tops that stood out, and were great fits on me.  One was the FULLER BUST Miami Palm Print Longline Bikini Top in size US 30I, which fit perfectly except for a gore which did not completely tack:


The other was the now discontinued “Mix and Match D+ Plunge Halter Bikini top” – which for some reason I was fitting into US sizes 30H and 30I.


 I was so upset to not find this top in new colors and patterns this year. ASOS, this is the least shallow of all your options! It’s, at least, amazing for inner and upper fullness. In retrospect I do regret not keeping the white version, above (though I did keep two other colors).

All of my ASOS tops were $30-$40 full price (and sales made them even cheaper), and they held up well on a beach vacation where I was playing in rough waves and doing a terrible job body boarding. 

So that’s a recap of my success last year buying from ASOS.

A few observations about ASOS’ swim line this year:

1. If you want one in a full bust size, you really have to watch their New Arrivals like a hawk. They tend to go quickly, especially the attractive ones.

2. The fuller bust line is very inventive and fashion forward. There are all sorts of trendy styles – crop top versions, bondage inspired versions, wrap details, use of mesh, even a top or two with sleeves. There are also a ton which, at first glance, are hideous to me. I didn’t think I was going to buy any this year looking at the offerings in February and March, but ASOS keeps rolling out new ones continuously. Seriously, I don’t know when or if they will ever stop. So keep your eye on it if you’re in the size range, and maybe you’ll eventually see one you fancy!

3. I am even more convinced this year that you probably want to size up in the cup with ASOS, if you can. They seem to run even smaller in the cup, unfortunately. 

4. You may want to avoid the models that say “hidden underwire” in their names if you are projected. I tried a bunch of them last year and found them very shallow (though of course they may have changed the fit). Any of the non-underwire tops are also very shallow (you’ll see one below).

5. ASOS still has the helpful “catwalk” videos of most of their offerings- click Catwalk right below the item photos. This is amazing. I love seeing the product in real life without the threat of Photoshop, in motion, and from all angles before I buy. 

Ok, onto 3 brief reviews! I’ll begin with 2 that didn’t work, and end with 1 I really love. 

First, the ASOS FULLER BUST Mix and Match Mesh Insert T Back Plunge Bikini Top DD-G which retails at $31. This one is getting low on sizes, but I just sent a 30I back to them in the mail, so I assume that 30I will eventually pop back up again! There is also a more recent colorway of this one as well that is white with a navy stripe.

This top has lightly moulded cups, a cool T back, and its halter has mesh between the two straps on each side – which I thought was pretty spiffy.  I really like the look of this top, so I was disappointed with the 30I was slightly too small and/or shallow. It really was close though:


(Sorry for the awful photo of the back, above. The back is really cool though!)

You can see that I’m falling out of the cups a bit. But the 30 band is nice and firm. I would recommend the 30I/30G size in this style if you are normally a UK 30F-30FF (or its 28 band counterparts).

Next is a terrible fail: the ASOS FULLER BUST Mix and Match Crochet Lace Scallop Strappy Triangle Wrap Bikini Top DD-G in Rust and size 30I. Sigh. I should have known a string top had an unlikely chance of working out! 


See, very shallow in the middle area. If you’re 30G/30I this actually might work for you, but only if you are more shallow inside and on top (less upper and inner fullness). It’s worth noting that the strings are not very supportive.  If you want to feel more contained and supported an actual underwire is your best bet. 

Finally, the one that I love! This swim crop top popped up about a week ago and I immediately grabbed it. It ticked all my boxes – interesting, flattering color for me, cool matching bottoms, cheap ($30!), and looked like it just might work shapewise. Fortunately at the time of this blog post’s publication it still has most of its sizes in stock, but many say “low in stock.”

This top is called the “ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Cut Out Halter Crop Bikini Top DD-G” and I was surprised to see that it was non-padded! A non-padded longline bikini top! I was hoping I would have as much success as I did with my padded longline from last year. 


As you can see, this whole set worked out beautifully for me! The wires aren’t too wide and the stretch swim fabric accommodates my upper and inner fullness. The shape is also fairly contained and minimizing especially from the side view. This makes me think that if you are very projected (or not as soft and “mashable” as I am) you may find the bottom of the cups in this size are not sufficiently projected. 

My only gripe is that the cups maybe could be a teensy bit bigger for me. I can’t go up a cup size without going up to the 32 band, however. I do hope ASOS will continue expanding their size range in the future. But for now, I’m quite happy with this top. I’m actually in the market for bathing suits this year specifically because I’ll be honeymooning at a tropical resort in about a month! This set is equally sexy and flattering – pretty much exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. 

Let me know if you have further questions about these items, since I was indeed pretty brief. Next week I’ll be reviewing more swim tops from other full bust brands!

5 thoughts on “ASOS Full Bust Swim Reviews – 2016

  1. Cool tops!!! Do these sizes are like europian, for example like Panache bikinis? The red one is awesome, but when I was watching on it I imaged one situation. Arter sunbathe your body will “remember” the forms of this bras and it will look funny šŸ™‚ As you write they can lose their forms. After what? Sun or washing?


  2. Wish I would have seen this review last year before I ordered my tops! I found their Bigger Bust line in March of 2016, and ordered the red top that you posted in your photos, as well as one of the hidden underwire halter tops. I ordered my bra size, 32DDD American. When I opened the package, I was so disappointed by how tiny it was. I knew that it wouldn’t fit, it looked more like a 32C to me. Out of frustration, I ordered another top (the red one had sold out at this point), but I only went up one cup size to a 32F. This one was still too small, I ended up wearing it a few times over the summer regardless, but it was pretty uncomfortable and I spilled out of the sides. I didn’t end up returning any of them, I figured the return process would be complicated, so they’re still sitting in my drawer in hopes that I can find a friend that they will fit.

    I just tried my luck again, and ordered three new tops. I ordered a style similar to the red one from last year in a 32FF, and two more in a 32G. I’m seriously hoping that at least one of them fits. Thanks for the reviews girl! Glad to see someone was able to get the red top in a size that fits.


  3. I’m thinking of ordering a bathing suit from ASOS but I’m in need of help!!! I am typically a D cup but from your review I see they run small… where should I go from here? And also, what do you mean by “shallow”?


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