Curvy Kate Jewel in 30G

Just a quick review today!

Curvy Kate Jewel is actually from a few seasons ago – last Spring, or maybe even the Fall before that. I thought I might still stick up a review, in case anyone is spying it around at low prices. Also, it’s been awhile since I reviewed Curvy Kate bras!

The last Curvy Kate unlined Balconette I tried was the Bardot, which was almost perfect except for the fact that it was not open enough on top for me. I heard that the Jewel was more open. 


As you can see, this is true! There definitely isn’t much in the way of quadding going on. 

But, there is some in-cup quadding, as the next photo makes evident: 

The diagonal seam pushes in on my softer breast tissue, especially on my larger breast. 


I really like many aspects of this bra. There is some good bottom projection, the shape is round, the gore is fairly close set, the cups allow for some inner fullness and cleavage, and let’s not forget the ice-princess colorway! 

I have to admit though – I love this color combo off of me, but I do not really like it on me. I don’t know – it is just not my colors! The colors (not the fit) are the ultimate reason why I gave this bra up.


Regarding comfort, not bad at all. Nothing harsh or too stiff. The band stretches to a normal 30 inches and is supportive. The bra felt rather inconspicuous while I was relaxing. Nice job Curvy Kate!

The wires are on the wider side in this size:


Hmm… Looking at the photos again makes me miss this bra!

Sometimes I forget that Curvy Kate has a pretty special identity among UK brands. Curvy Kate is always going for romantic/girly/sexy, which is a style that I think is lacking in UK full bust brands (or, at the very least, Curvy Kate engages it the most!). But not only that, Curvy Kate has been listening to customers and evolving the fits and styles of its offerings, which is pretty cool. 


If you like Jewel, you may still find it around with a Google, eBay, or Amazon search! If you’re looking for a recent style, I suspect it may be similar to the current Madagascar in fit. Anyone have experience of Madagascar?

One thought on “Curvy Kate Jewel in 30G

  1. I have a 30F Jewel in that shade and it’s one of my favorite bras! ❤ Florence is suuuuper similar to Jewel, I own one in 30F (which I reviewed in my latests posts) and they look like clones juxtaposing! 🙂

    Never tried Madagascar though, the colors don't tickle my fancy.

    I love CK, their unpadded bras are sooo comfortable and their aesthetic is amazing, imo!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


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