Review: Ewa Michalak PL Zlote Oko in 65GG

Ewa Michalak’s CHP and SM cuts (padded halfcup and unlined plunge balcony, respectively) are awesome – as I’ve tried to demonstrate on this blog. But until now, I’ve yet to get my hands on any of Ewa Michalak’s other cuts. Today changes that!


I received the sultry PL Zlote Oko  set in size 65GG from the kind and helpful owner of the online lingerie boutique called Zathiya. I’ve had my eye on this online store, because while it’s a relatively small retailer, it’s rich in Polish bras.

Comexim and Ewa Michalak, particularly. Aisha, the owner, stocks many of the latest styles from both amazing brands, in a wide size range of 26-40 D-K (UK) –  yes, it’s true, there are some Ewa Michalak 55 and 60 bands if you need them! Not to mention, the store is based in Texas. This means that if you’re in the U.S., you can have Polish bras to your doorstep within a week! You don’t know how pleased I am with this possibility. I hate waiting 4 to 5+ weeks buying directly from Poland, especially when I am not sure if the bras will fit – and particularly when they don’t fit (my last two Polish ventures turned out this way, unfortunately).  Not to mention the inconvenience of paying return shipping back to Poland, and waiting a long time to get a refund. 


One of the coolest things about Zathiya is the Return Policy. You have 30 days to return for a refund and another 60 for store credit. And the best part: the store is happy to pay for one return shipping for a return or exchange per order. Between the quick shipping (which is free over $100) and low-risk return policy, this store is especially great if you are in the US and just getting into Polish bras/trying to figure out your best fit and size. 


Because I haven’t tried the PL cut before, I wasn’t sure of my size, but I estimated it to be a 65G or 65GG based on my experiences with CHP and SM. The 65GG fit fairly well, as you can see in the photos. In the future I may be interested in comparing with a 65G, since there is a little room at the apex of the cup (I think? It’s hard to tell!), and when  I am sitting and lounging the bra gapes more than other bras I have. 


Another reason I might want to try 65G is the hope of better scaling. The straps and cup sides in this size are a bit wide on my petite frame, so I’m wondering if that would be reduced one cup down. Anyone have experience of any fit changes from a G to a GG in the plunges?


But all things considered, this bra is pretty fantastic. I hadn’t noticed it too much on Ewa’s website, and I think it’s because it looks like just a black bra at first glance. But the shiny gold embroidery in person makes the bra really stunning:

When I pulled it out of the package I thought GLAMOUR. I didn’t realize that I didn’t own any glamorous bras until my hands touched this one (speaking of touch – this one is silky and luxe-feeling!). So I welcomed Zlote Oko warmly into the family, and said “you will be my glamorous bra.” 😉


The mid-rise brief, as usual from Ewa Michalak, is a perfect match and completes the glamour look. It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the shiny gold continues on the waistband:

The back of the brief is sheer, which is a nice touch. I usually prefer thongs, but can’t say no to a sheer back, especially topped with a bow! 


Narrow wires, for sure:


With an Ewa Michalak plunge you get a fairly low gore – around 2 inches. This is a great height – low enough to not get in the way of close set breasts and allow for supreme cleavage, and high enough to keep the boobs from slipping out. But your mileage may vary on this issue – I know some ladies with much softer tissue (which can tend to “spill” out the center of a plunge) prefer the higher gore of the S cut to the Plunge. 


Just like the CHP cut, the PL cut comes with interior pockets and removable pads, for extra lift or to correct assymetry. These photos are without the pads. 


In regards to comfort, I’m divided. The bra is very comfortable walking around and doing daily tasks – and for long periods of time. It is extremely supportive – the wide and firm band is awesome. When I was walking the dog I felt like my boobs were floating on my chest -it felt very freeing! However, if I’m lounging around with the bra on, I’m confronted with another case of armpit-encroaching, which can be irritating after awhile. Hopefully a future 65G can ameliorate that. 

Now, Ewa Michalak bras are known for projection, and I gotta say this bra has an insane amount of projection. You can sort of see it in these angle shots:


But it is particularly evident by looking at the silhouette with a tshirt on:


So much projection and lift! Now some people love and want this, but as I’ve said on this blog ad nauseum, this is sadly not an everyday (read: for work) look for me. I think the problem is that I’m pretty small and short, and I don’t have the biggest bottom half to balance it out, so my boobs are quite, quite salient with such projection. While projected bras may be the best technical fit for me (and consequently most comfortable, since my boobs are projected), this conflicts with the more lower profile and covert look I try to achieve for work – with minimized cleavage and minimized projection. Some examples:



See what I mean? (I’m probably wearing my Chantelle C Chic Sexy Unlined plunges in the above photos – shallow, wide, not the best technical fit for me, but my “go-to” for de-sexifying at work. Which is, sadly, important in my line of work. Grrr.)

But here’s the front view of the Zlote Oko, which is spectacular:


A particularly contained, centered, and round look, with splendid cleavage! I’m a fan. And though there is some lace showing through this light t-shirt, there’s nary a sign of a seam. 

Luckily, Zathiya still has some sizes of the PL Zlote Oko left (note: the band runs pretty tight) and its matching brief (note: I received size M while I’m usually S, so the brief may run a bit small), as well as some other popular current styles like Syrena and Comexim’s Sonia (all of the bras retailing at $50-$60).

If you are tired of the more easily accessible US and UK bras with their (most often) wide wires and shallow cups, and want more narrow and projected styles that are also beautiful and unique, be sure to check out Zathiya, friends!

3 thoughts on “Review: Ewa Michalak PL Zlote Oko in 65GG

  1. I think you are right that there’s more depth that you need at the apex–but the apex is further out to the sides than your own as well. In the GG it is also higher than your natural apex. IMO a smaller cup would fix the latter issue but not the former one. Also, I don’t think you would have enough depth at the center to accommodate your center fullness in a G, it looks like you have JUST enough here. I would try to make this size work with the pads instead.
    I also had a job for a long time where I also tried to downplay the boobage. I chose to wear bras that accommodated my natural projection, but with slightly more structured tops instead of tees and knits–blouses, semi-tailored shirts, ultra light unlined linen jacket over shell, etc. It just felt too oppressive to let my job fence me in re: my love for bras 😀 As a bonus, those slightly more tailored types of clothes are usually more durable too, and since I’m shortish like you I felt like they helped me project a bit more authority.


    • Wow, I didn’t even think about the apex being too far out to the sides for me. I have to check that. You can tell just from the photos?

      Unfortunately the pads don’t seem to make much a difference. You may be right about the G – I’ll probably still try it at one point anyway!

      Thanks for the work fashion tips! I do have some more structured tops that I wear – button downs and short buttoned Blazers, but I still prefer to minimize the boobs there, too. I think at work I just feel “the more flat-chested the better” for some reason. I teach at a university so I’m always on show, and I guess I’ve been scarred by past teaching evaluations where students comment on my body. Grr.


  2. I understand what you mean about the amount of projection and how you feel at work, students can be a pain sometimes… Nevertheless, I believe we should love our bodies and not be afraid to show them! That being said, being a doctor myself, I also feel the struggle, so I know it’s easier said than done, I’m smaller than you, at 28FF, but I definitely don’t always “wear my chest out” because I’d feel self-conscious sometimes…

    This cut looks great on you, I agree with Wendybien on the apex being too far apart!

    Oh my, those panties, though, I think they TOTALLY steal the show! ❤ Stunners!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


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