Review: Comexim Rita in 65J

When I first glimpsed Comexim’s Rita plunge on Comexim’s Facebook page a few months ago, I knew that it was THE Comexim set of the season for me. I need a fantastic red bra, this one has eyelash lace, and the matching thong is exquisite. Knowing that Comexim orders take about a month to fulfill (3 weeks if you are very lucky), my goal was Valentine’s Day.

I was so excited for my Valentine’s set! When I pulled it out of the box, I was very happy:


The lace overlay on this one is really pretty, and the black velvet bows are pretty cool too.


You can imagine my disappointment when the dear thing did not fit!


You’ll see a bunch of photos where the fit doesn’t look too bad. Which makes sense – it’s not a total disaster. The problem is when I move my shoulders back ever so slightly, or even take a breath – quadboob city all along the cup edges. 

I bought my usual Comexim plunge size. Why the problem, then? Well, Rita is not the standard plunge cut Comexim offers, but is a plunge that has a lower gore and slightly shallower cups (Ginger, another pretty style, is also this cut). Now, the width of the cups is about the same as the standard plunge’s cups – at this size around 5.5 inches – so the fact that the bra is more shallow and yet the same width makes this cut fit a cup size smaller than the standard plunge. 

Either way, shapewise this cut fits breasts that are slightly more shallow – and particularly shallower on top. The bra still has overall projection near the apex (like the standard plunges), so I do not think this bra would work with overall shallowness. That is, the bra seems to require some fullness, but that fullness needs to be around the apex or on bottom. If you have a lot of upper projection, upper fullness, or tall roots, the standard plunge will get along with you much better!

Luckily, you can ask Comexim to sew the bra for you in the standard cut, if you’d like. I’ve also noted that the Canadian online store Bra Obsessed also sells the standard plunge cut of Rita, instead of the lower coverage option. 


I really do like the lower gore on this plunge, and wonder if I can get better results by asking for a standard plunge with a reduced gore. Or does a reduced gore always result in a shallower top for Comexim? Anyone have experience?


Another disappointment was the thong. I am an XS or S in American/UK brands, and own a Comexim brief in size S that actually could be a bit smaller. So I ordered a S in this thong, and it’s teeny! Too tight on me, for sure.  You can see it cutting into my sides in the photos. 

I do love the black color-blocking in this set, I gotta say. It gives a set that has all the traditional hot and sexy elements a cool and contemporary feel as well. 


Besides checking out Comexim’s usual narrow wires below, check out that quadboob.  Oof!


While there does seem to be a shape incompatibility for me with this cut, I do wonder if I could still get a good fit one cup size up. A future experiment, perhaps? 


You can see, below, the good apex (and even bottom, it appears) projection this bra offers. Seriously, if you’re full on bottom, you may want to give this cut a try!


This is standing normally:


So far so good. But see what happens if I stand up a little straighter:


Oy. I just couldn’t handle that!

Under a shirt, a perfect delight:

Not too much visibility at all. Nice.

But don’t worry, if you’re in the mood 😉 to be a little less covert:


I really enjoy the design of the Rita set, and I so wish it worked for me. Maybe another day, maybe another size. Sigh.

Next week I bring you the incredibly glamorous Ewa Michalak PL Zlote Oko, from the U.S. online boutique Zathiya. Seriously, if you want new Ewa Michalak or Comexim bras (at great prices) and not have to wait the usual month(s) for them to ship to you, get your butt over to Zathiya!

6 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Rita in 65J

  1. Great review! As for the question about the gore; in my experience with 4 comexim bras with reduced gores, it ALWAYS makes the top edge less open. The most severe one was the Irish Coffee for me. 60K was already too small a size for me by 2 cups but it looked more like 4 cups compared to the regular 60K.


  2. Just letting you know this blog is saving my life. I have very similar measurements to yours (32F, pretty projected with tall roots and a very small torso–god I hate those wide wires chafing my armpits). Just started this journey a few weeks ago when I got tired of squeezing into DDs. I haven’t found a winner yet–I came close with a panache balconnette, which I’m keeping because my boyfriend loves it, but the pad-less bra just doesn’t work with normal shirts! On the other hand, the first 32F tee shirt bra I got gave me massive cleavage and crawled all the way up my armpits. I’m going through your blog now, but if you do see this, what would you recommend as your favorite tee shirt bra


    • I’m so glad you find this blog helpful! T-shirt bras are difficult, and it depends on what you require in a T-shirt bra. Do you need seamless? Do you want less cleavage? If seamless is what you’re going for, and you are somewhat projected, I would try the Fantasie smoothing t shirt bra (I reviewed it a few months ago). It’s not bad on the armpits either. Try it in a few sizes around 32F and see what fits best (I.e. You may want to go down a cup or down a band or both). I also wear some t shirt bras that are technically too shallow for me, but it doesn’t bother me (and I like the minimized look). My favorite in this category is a 32F in Le Mystere’s Cotton Touch Spacer bra – but their other plunge models like Safari are good too! If you are a true 32F you could also try out Chantelle. Now, if you’re okay with some seams, I would definitely try out Comexim. These bras are fairly good at staying out of the armpits, and you can ask for a customization to move the straps inward as well if needed.


      • I’ve been relying on wired sports bras several sizes too small for a slightly minimized, smooth appearance, so anything else would be fantastic… The Fantasie is actually on my Amazon wish list right now! I’d seen your review and It looked promising. I think my dream right now would be a slightly minimizing, seamless 32F with easily convertible straps, since narrow shoulders are a big issue for me. Thanks again! It’s comforting to know there’s so many options for bigger bras beyond department store depression.


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