Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Lawenda in 65FF

Up to this point, I had only tried Ewa Michalak’s SM cut, with great success. I fit well into a 65GG, which is a cup size above my normal UK 30G size. 

Even though I consider 30G (and 28GG) to be my normal UK size, I do find that I have a lot of bras in 30FF and 28G as well. Certain styles in certain brands fit nicely going down a size, particularly if they are full on top friendly: e.g. some unlined Cleos, unlined Freyas, and most Fantasie bras (Fantasie, in general, seems to run a cup size large).

That’s why I wasn’t being entirely silly when I snagged a used CHP Lawenda in size 65FF. I figured it might fit, especially because this cut is known for being particularly open on top. 

Let me just make it clear from the start: this size is not my best size. I’m certain I technically need a 65G (and could probably wear a 65GG with the pads). However, Lawenda in 65FF has still, somehow, charmed my pants off:


The CHP cut from EM is a padded halfcup. In this size, it has fairly narrow wires and good room for bottom projection, upper fullness, and inner fullness. I am not going to lie – when I took the bra out of the parcel and saw the size of the cups I was like NOPE. But the teeny looking cups and wires (including a narrow gore!) somehow create a construction that frames and hugs my breasts quite cleverly, allowing my upper excess tissue to sit astutely above the cups without quadboob. Hmm.

Now let me also say this: CHP styles come with small pads (“cutlets”) that can be inserted into a sleeve within the cup, either to correct for assymetry, or to give a little extra oomph. That’s really cool. However, there is no way that I could use those pads with this bra in this size. As soon as I saw them, I took them right out. These photos are without the extra pads. 


I couldn’t help buying the Lawenda in this smaller size because it is a discontinued bra, and I was thoroughly enamoured by its appearance. I haven’t had a purple bra in a long time, and didn’t think I wanted one, but the dusty lavender color, the contrast embroidery, and the kind of Victorian era look to the bra sucked me in so hard. I regret to say that I was indeed seduced.


Above, we see some narrow wires, some admirable bottom projection, and some ample upper fullness JUST ABOUT to overflow, but somehow not doing so. Honestly, the cups are shaped so perfectly that even if I roll around a little bit, the tissue still stays put fairly well without the boob popping out. Is this magic?


The gore firmly tacks, and the band is a normal 30 (I have it hooked on the second hooks, I believe). The bra is also comfortable to wear: the materials are soft, and because the bra is small, the straps aren’t too wide for the armpits and the wires are most certainly not too high. 

I admit I am confused by the mirror image in the photo above. Why does my boob from the side look so inordinately large?!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention the number 1 fit problem that a CHP style bra has for me: the straps are not fully adjustable and are way too long for my short upper torso. Most CHP bras appear to have straps which are only partially adjustable. Luckily, I mitigated this problem by using my Strap Saver – a handy new (inexpensive) device that allows you to shorten your straps without sewing.  In all of these photos I am using the strap saver clips. If I didn’t, the cups would be giving me no lift, and the bra simply wouldn’t work. The strap saver is certainly a “saver” for this bra. Note that it can end up looking a little chunky/messy in the back, especially if you put the clips on hastily (new-bra-excitement-induced haste) like I did:


Lastly, let’s take a look at Lawenda under a shirt. It’s really nice under low scoops, and even though it is not a plunge, the gore is low enough, and the breasts are pushed close enough together to avoid any visible gore, that for me it also works with lower v-necks.

Yeah – I guess just like SM bras, CHP bras give a lot of projection!  It’s definitely a hard look for me to pull off in my everyday life, and looks best with fitted tops (otherwise boob-tent). If you are looking for a narrow, projected halfcup, CHP is your girl. UK halfcups are decidedly more shallow and minimizing. 


65FF CHP Lawenda – you are too small, but I also like you too much!


10 thoughts on “Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Lawenda in 65FF

    • Thanks! I was partly inspired to try this one out by your Ch/chp reviews, as well as by Science and Silicone’s review of this bra. It’s just too freaking pretty in this minimal, refined, regal sort of way. Darn Polish bras! 😀

      And yeah the cup construction is amazing. The openness is awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh that’s so nice to hear 🙂 And yes, I feel the same way about my Pawie Oka! Ewa’s design work is just incredible. Polish bras are definitely my kryptonite. (and now I”m going to obsessively search for a Lawenda).


  1. That bra looks awesome on you, the size is slightly small, yes, but since the bra is very open, it looks fitting and elegant nevertheless, yes!

    I still haven’t tried Ewa bra’s, but I definitely will have to soon, being moderately projected and narrow myself! 🙂

    Speaking of which, what would you recommend to be my starting size with the brand? I’m usually a 28FF/G with Panache and Freya and a 60HH at my Comexim Ingrid…
    I used Ewa’s calculator online and got 65E, but it doesn’t seem right…Your Lowenda, for example is stated as having only 8.1 cup depth at Bratabase and I need at least one inch more! :/ If I were to base myself on Bratabase, I would pick 65FF to start of! Any suggestions?

    Maaaany thanks!

    Also, I would like to say I really like your blog, I check it out every time you have something new, love your detailed reviews!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


  2. Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like the blog and happy to hear your thoughts!

    Based on your UK size and size in Comexim, it looks like we are about one cup size different. I think you’re right that 65FF would be a good place to start. The padded styles usually come with the extra cookies, which would help if it turns out that size is slightly too big for you. Depending on your shape, 65F might end of working with some styles, but I would definitely start with 65FF!

    By the numbers on bratabase, it seemed for sure that this Lawenda in 65FF would be too small for me (I usually need an inch or two more cup depth), but I’m always surprised by Polish bras. Perhaps the cup depth is more evenly distributed throughout the whole cup compared to one part of the cup being the deepest. It may have something to do with the narrow wires as well 🙂


  3. I ran across your review while researching EM bras after someone on ABTF suggested that I try a Ewa Michalak CHP in either 65G, 60GG, or 70FF. I don’t know anything about Polish brands or even their sizing, but I have to say this bra is gorgeous and I desperately hope I can find one and that it will fit me. Haha.


  4. Yay!! So glad you are back! We are quite similar in size and shape. I am just one band size up. I love how the Ewa Michalak and Comexim bras fit, I just don’t know how to handle the projection I get from them! Which styles from the polish brands would you recommend if you are wanting a more minimized look?


    • I feel like your comment could have been written by me! I have the same question and concern. I love EM and Comexim so very much, but I do prefer a more minimized look on a daily basis. I tried an old EM style the other day, CH, and the amount of projection was absolutely insane. I had to sell it because I couldn’t wear it!

      I haven’t tried all of the cuts yet, between EM and Comexim, but so far my observations are that Comexim halfcups are more minimizing than the plunges. I have also heard that EM plunges may be less projected than the S style. I am wondering how the BM cut shapes up…


      • The BM cut is quite nice! Rounded and not crazy projected. Less projected than a Cleo Marcie, but similar in shape and roundness.

        I have a Comexim Ingrid on the way based on your review.

        I would like to try a Comexim half cup next. Once I see how the Ingrid works out for shape and sizing.

        I tried a couple bras in PL and S from Ewa Michalak, and I just don’t know how to make them work for me. I got an odd shape from the PL and didn’t notice any less projection compared to the S.


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