Review: Ewa Michalak SM Burek in 65GG

Oh glorious SM bras from Ewa Michalak! So lovely and so unlike any unlined plunges anywhere else!

I have already reviewed two other SM bras – Malinka and Wrozka – and both very favorably. This time, we make the acquaintance of Burek. All three are in 65GG – which is a consistently good size for me in the SM style, apparently (which is a cup size above my usual UK size, 30G). I do still think I might be able to squeeze a 65G too, however, though that is yet to be demonstrated. 


Sigh. I swoon over that embroidery and those color choices. The mood is entirely Elvish – Middle Earth elvish. I feel like a genuine elf maiden when I place this garment upon my bosom. Winding, tangled greenery, a smathering of embroidered flowers, subtle color play, and scalloped cup tops – all amounts to my dream lingerie. 


Like my other SM bras, the non-stretchy unlined cups are strong, and along with the narrow wires, bring my boobs front and center. The cup tops are great for inner fullness and upper fullness. If you have less upper fullness, I think you may want to size down (or at least not size up, like I did). 

This bra came to me used, and at this point the bra is very soft and comfortable. The straps are soft and do not bother my armpits, and they have a comfy amount of stretch without loss of support. The straps are a good length for my petite upper torso.  


Above, the round, projected shape that is the SM cut’s specialty. 

And, above, check out the wires, which are on the narrower side. 


Because the bra pushes the breasts towards each other from the sides, the overall appearance from the front is narrow:



Under a T-shirt, this narrowness from the front is apparent. I like that aspect. You can also see, below, how this is a great bra if you want to exhibit a bit of cleavage with a V neck. The embroidery, however, makes this bra not the best if you like having a smooth appearance!


The side view, below, greets us with some pretty projected boobies. I’ll admit that this is the main reason why my SM bras do not get the amount of wear they deserve. I like to wear drapier/baggier shirts in my professional wardrobe, and even now a lot more in my casual wardrobe. Lots of projection, unfortunately, causes “boob tents” that I’m not a fan of. 


But I still love you, SM. So much. Too much! 


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