Review: Comexim Ingrid in 65HH

Here is another Comexim plunge that I was fortunate enough to buy off a bratabaser. Ingrid was actually very high up on my I-WILL-DIE-IF-THIS-BRA-DOES-NOT-GRACE-MY-BOOBS mental list. Yeah, I have intense mental lists…

My complexion is on the warmer side of neutral, and before I went blonde I had auburn hair, so I love to wear warm colors – especially Autumn colors! Ingrid features a warm vintage floral with muted orange, brown, and green, atop a cream base.  So unique. I really love it. 


Ingrid in 65HH fits differently from the last Comexim plunge I reviewed, Poison Ivy in 60J – even though they are sister sizes. I talked about how Poison Ivy gave me an extremely projected shape. Ingrid is definitely less projected – which may mean that the bra is altogether more shallow. I didn’t find it to be too shallow for me however, and I loved the more minimized shape it gave me. And by minimized, I mean the bra holds my boobs a bit closer to my body and less “out there.”


The wires are Comexim’s typically narrow ones – which, as you can see below, may in fact be too narrow for me. But they are soft wires, and there is no discomfort. Aaaaand…. I love how much room is around my armpits! No annoying chafing with this bra!


A really splendid, rounded, uplifted shape: 


The cups fit me like a glove. They seem to be made for my root height. There is a teeny bit of popping out with my larger boob every now and then, but it’s not noticeable under clothing.  


Now I just need to get hold of the matching panties – this bra deserves it!


Ingrid is still available on Comexim’s website for purchase, FYI. 

Stay tuned! In upcoming posts, we’ll see Ewa Michalak again, as well as some boob-friendly clothing!




4 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Ingrid in 65HH

    • I would give Poland a try, if you haven’t! These I bought used, but I have ordered from Comexim before and it went well. The bras are so inexpensive – somewhere around $35 (depending on exchange rate), and shipping is about $5. Takes about 3 weeks to get to you, as they are made to order! If you need to return, ship back by buying postage through paypal – much cheaper than going to the post office.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!


      • I found this bra on ebay and bought it! It arrived today and I really do like it. Once I’ve worn it a full day and decided it is comfy enough, I am definitely open to buying more direct from comexim. Mine was £20, which doesn’t look far off their usual price.


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