Some more Freya Plunge Balconies – Freya Minx and Freya Firecracker

Living somewhat near a Nordstrom now, I have been able to get my hands on some of Freya’s Spring/Summer styles. From the dressing room, I bring you Freya Minx and Freya Firecracker. 

I must confess that when I first saw Minx show up in the blogs covering the preview trade shows, I thought I HAD to have it. In fact, I made a reminder note for it to be my birthday present (as it was supposed to come out in May). What I liked about it were the colors (wow I’m bad with color names…I’m blanking…), some bluish purple with leopard, and the cut out gore (rare in full bust bras), and the interesting back (I’ll show you that later). I loved the scalloped lace too!

My excitement began to fade, however, with a combination of the following notions: the straps are leopard, and I’m not sure if I want leopard straps to be showing, Freya plunge balconies are not the best fit for me, and my husband is not a fan of animal print (and his opinion is slowly leaking into mine!). 

But seriously, look how cute it is: 

I know some if you won’t think its cute. Hehe. I can completely understand why it wouldn’t be someone’s style. I think, however, it’s a pretty, fun, and interesting take on the animal print trend. I love that freaking leopard bow in the middle!

The photo above and the next photo are actually size 30F (at least a cup size below my normal size). It actually looks pretty good until…

…I administer a solid swoop and scoop:


There is, then, some serious quad boob. The 30FF, expectedly, fit better:

Honestly, this isn’t a bad fit. The Freya plunge balconies are pretty good for bottom projection, and the wires aren’t too wide. The top of the cups is allowing for upper fullness, which is not always the case for plunge balconies. 


Here is the cool back:

It is certainly an interesting choice to make only 1 row of hooks and eyes, but I didn’t find it too much less supportive (though I didn’t wear it very long).  Please note that those straps are fully adjustable (yay!!!)

I do like the bra, but I am not the biggest fan of the general shape. The shape is very projected, but with little cleavage. If I’m going to go for projection, then I at least want to get some cleavage out of it (e.g. Like Comexim or Ewa Michalak do very well. Otherwise I like to go for a less projected, more minimized look).

Next, I have for you Freya Firecracker, which I was able to try in sister sizes 32F and 32FF. I figured the 32F would be right for cup size, but I wanted to experiment and see what happened with a bigger cup size. 

I was really surprised by how much I liked Firecracker when I put it on my body. In terms of projection and cleavage and general fit it seemed pretty similar to Minx. But I thought the bra was very beautiful! I really like the shade if orange on my skin. 

I also remember the bra feeling very comfortable. Look at how the tops of the cups are not coming near my armpits to bother me. The wires are also low in this size. But you can see that I’m getting an odd angled profile from the side:

It doesn’t bother me too much, however. I’m just not sure what causes it (too constricting on upper fullness, perhaps?)

Here is up a cup size, 32FF:


Not too much different from the front – slightly more coverage. The sides definitely have some more coverage, but luckily the tops of the cups still stay away from the armpits:

But the angular problem from the side view still hasn’t been solved, and now I think the profile is even pointier!


I think that I may not be projected enough to go up to this size – either that, or this bra is meant to give a pointier shape! Still, such a gorgeous pattern, though. 

What do you think – did Freya do a good job this summer?

– Little Lucie



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