Review: Body Glove Smoothies Solo Bikini Top

I wanted to get in this last Bikini top review before Summer’s dusk begins to fall upon us. This review is not a very happy review, however. The Body Glove absolutely did not work for me!

The Body Glove Smoothies bikini top is  an underwired tie bikini top that is actually very popular. There are loads of positive reviews on Amazon, and the rating is 4.5 out of 5. Hmm. Perhaps the bikini top works better in smaller sizes?

The top has an annoying sizing system – it is in terms of cup size, but not band size. Silly, because cup size is meaningless without a band size. So when I’m ordering the F cup, am I ordering the volume of a 30F? A 36F? Who knows. Gotta try it on to find out, I guess (upon trying it out, it seems like the cup volume of a 32 or 34 in UK sizing, or a 34 or 36 for US sizing).

The band is an adjustable string, so it can probably work for 26 to at least 38 backs. Here’s what the back situation looks like:    

The straps can be in either cross back position, like this, or a normal shoulder straps position. 

I ordered the F cup, and here’s what it does on my breasts:

Yikes! It spreads my boobs out to the sides in a kind of east-west formation, and is not allowing for inner or upper fullness. The cups are also very shallow. Take a look at the side view to see the quad boob and the astonishingly wide wires:

So much empty space on the sides. I usually don’t mind wider wires, but this just looks odd – especially since I don’t have enough room near the center!

One more thing worthy of note: the tie back is absolutely not supportive enough for larger breasts, even if you tie it super tight. You can see that the back is actually riding up in the photo above. 

I am hoping that cup sizes below an F cup (the largest size they offer) are constructed better, and do not have as  wide wires. That may explain the many  positive reviews of this bikini top! 

I’ll happily stick with my ASOS and Miss Mandalay bikini tops this summer (and will definitely be looking forward to trying a Comexim bikini top next summer!).

Little Lucie


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