Review: Passionata “Let’s Play” Unlined Balconette bra in 30G/30dddd

I tried Passionata’s Let’s Play unlined balconette at Nordstrom in 32ddd a few weeks ago, as I exhibited on the blog. The band was too big, but the fit of the cups was quite wonderful (which means they run a cup size large! Size down!). It was so wonderful that I couldn’t get it off my mind. I really wanted to try the 30G (U.S. Sizing, which is 30dddd – or UK size 30F), which is the highest cup/smallest band they offer in this style. Nordstrom and Barenecessities are carrying this style right now, and I ended up ordering from the former because of the free returns. 

My desire to try Let’s Play in a better size coincided with one of my goals for the summer – to find a go-to black unlined balconette. The candidates for this position were many:  I was considering black Cleo Marcie (still not out yet?), black Panache Envy, black Fantasie Allegra, and lately the Natori True Decadence… But none of these came to fruition. Not complaining, because I’m definitely liking Let’s Play!




The cups fit like a dream. They are great with upper and inner fullness, and the cup construction pushes my breasts up and towards the middle.


I love the geometric pattern, the big black bow (I am obsessed with big bows on bras since Claudette!), and the general simplicity of the bra.  


The material is very thin and light – great for summer – but still supportive. The straps are thin and a little stretchy (I had to adjust pretty far). The bra is soft and comfortable. The wires aren’t hard like Cleo’s, but the gore still tacks firmly. The band works on the first column of hooks, but is best on the second. There are three rows of hooks in total. Below, you can see that the wires are on the narrower side of medium. I placed the bra over my 28G Cleo Lucy and they are exactly the same, for reference – although Let’s Play has wires that come up slightly higher. 

Look at that round shape!

Under a shirt, you see two sharp vertical seams, and some side bra (nearly unavoidable it seems…).


Is it the one? I think it might be. 😉

And for the sake of relentless comparison between bras (which I like to do) here’s what Let’s Play looks like alongside some other unlined balconnettes: In order, Tutti Rouge Lilliana (technically this one has light lining at the bottom of the cup, Cleo Lucy, Passionata Let’s Play, Fantasie Allegra. 



3 thoughts on “Review: Passionata “Let’s Play” Unlined Balconette bra in 30G/30dddd

  1. This looks really similar in fit to the Comexim Beauty two-seam that you just posted about. Any notable differences? Also, have you tried any of the Chantelle demis?


    • There is definitely an important difference: the Passionata is unlined while the Comexim Beauty is lined/padded. On me, the Comexim is more supportive, but that’s mostly because the Passionata’s band is not quite as supportive. The gore and cups are a little more wideset on the Passionata as well.

      I have never tried any of Chantelle’s Demi cups, because unfortunately they do not have my size. In Chantelle I am 30H, and as far as I’ve seen only some plunges, and no demis, come in that size.


      • Thank you! I tried an awesome unlined Chantelle demi in 32F at nordstrom’s today but unfortunately it didn’t come in 32G. I’m going to give the Let’s Play 32G a go since barenecessities has it on sale ^_^ Thanks so much for your review, or I never would have tried it!


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