Review: Natori Plus True Decadence and Pure Allure, both in 30H

I am pretty excited to share my first experiences of Natori’s new “fuller bust” line. I say “fuller bust” because it is fuller than their normal line, but it falls way short of the size range that full bust brands typically offer (like Freya and Panache). This is extremely sad, because Natori bras are awesome. 

The new line, called Natori Plus, begins at US size DD and goes up to a US H – which is really a UK FF. The band sizes offered are from size 30 up to size 44. Obviously, I was REALLY hoping on fitting in the 30H/30FF. Since I am often between a UK 30FF and 30G, I had to cross my fingers. 

I knew about Natori Plus ever since Hourglassy’s post a few months ago, and kept them on my radar. But I wasn’t compelled to order some in my size until I tried on a few at Nordstrom. Nordstrom unfortunately does not stock the line below a 34 band (what the heck!!!), but I saw enough loveliness that I knew I had to try some ASAP!

First up is the Pure Allure – Natori’s fuller bust version of their popular Natori Feathers bra. Below, you see it has a similar aesthetic. The straps taper into a mesh overlay, which covers a shorter contour pad. Lace lines the tops of the cups, as well as the band all the way around the back. 

Umm I really love this bra. It’s so comfortable! That’s not surprising – Natori is usually extremely comfortable. Natori uses such soft fabrics, and they are used to perfection here. The cups are light and easy on the armpits, especially!

The bra is true to size. So, if you’re a UK 30FF or 28G – you’re in luck. The 30 band is very firm and supportive, and has 3 rows of hooks.  Because I am normally larger than a 30FF, it makes sense that this bra is a touch too small for me in the cups. You can see some slight quadding in these photos. The lace overlay at the tops of the cups helps disguise it a bit, because it is stretchy. The bra is definitely compatible with upper and inner fullness – and I think would fit me perfectly if they made it in a 30I/30G! Grr!

The bottom projection is nothing to write home about. The wires are delightfully on the narrower side, however!

The contour padding is extremely light – almost negligible. So you don’t have to worry about this bra making your boobs looks bigger, if that’s not what you’re going for. The straps are rather thin but very soft, and are fully adjustable. 

Altogether, a very beautiful and comfortable basic T-shirt bra, that hasa great plunging shape. The bra gives a lovely round shape, and is invisible under a T-shirt:

I hope Natori considers making a few more cup sizes larger in this style!

Next is True Decadence, a cut-and-sew, unlined, vertical seam bra that contains a teeny bit of padding at the bottom solely for extra support – which is something I haven’t seen before. Take a look:

This bra is freaking gorgeous, and reminds me of the Fantasie Allegra Vertical Seam bra, which I love. I mean, it is almost identical. I am not complaining. This bra is far more supportive than the Allegra, too (the 30 band runs very firm and tight, and has 3 rows of hooks!)

Unfortunately, the cups are too small for me, in 30H/30FF. I am getting a lot of quadding, and the gore isn’t tacking because my boobs are in the way. If you are a true 28G/30FF, however, the sizing would likely be perfect for you. 

I think that this bra could work for upper fullness in the right size, because the elastic at the cups’ tops is pretty stretchy (like Allegra). The bottom of the cups seem to be more shallow than the Allegra’s though it is hard to tell because the cups are simply too small for me. 

Honestly, I am in love with this bra, and am almost tempted to get the right cup size in a higher band, 32H, to see if it could work. 

I am so impressed with these fuller bust offerings from Natori, and am looking forward to trying the rest of their line. However, I’m also very disappointed that those of us above an FF cup are not going to have much luck!  I guess it’s a start, and I’m happy that Natori is an American brand that is actually recognizing a potential market for small band/large cup sizes. 


8 thoughts on “Review: Natori Plus True Decadence and Pure Allure, both in 30H

  1. I find Natori cuts their cups extremely shallow at the center, near the cleavage point. I have to size up to a 32H and am normally a 30-32F, and only in the stretch lace styles that are more forgiving of center boob fullnesss… and I don’t have nearly as much center fullness as I used to when I was younger. You have a very center-full shape so I don’t know that this design would work even if you sized up. In a cup that is too “flat” in shape for you, if you size to find the depth to match your own projection, you will get excessive width (not always a problem) but also excessive height (almost always a problem: armpit discomfort, gapping visible through clothes, etc.)


    • Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Pure Allure was so close in terms of inner and upper fullness, that there’s at least a chance an increased cup size might help. But you’re right that going up a size might change other aspects of the fit. True Decadence, on the other hand, does seem seem to have even more shallowness near the gore. I may still try up a size to see what happens! I love the look and comfort.


  2. Thank you so much for reviewing these bras! I carry the regular Natori line in my store, and it’s very popular. When I heard they wanted to expand to such a large size range (for them), I was ecstatic, but finding reviews of the products has been really hard. What I have seen was good, but it really helps someone like me better decisions if I can read thoughts by people like you and see the fit pictures. It was a tremendous help! Pure Allure really looks amazing. I want to try their basic style (Chic Comfort, I think?) because we do well with t-shirt bras here. Thanks again, and great review!


  3. Personally, i think Natori’s comfort is worth sacrificing perfect fit. I own 4 and there is no comparison between their comfort & say, the tacking by brute force of a Panache. I have to go up one band size & That allows me to fudge into an H cup – it’s quite a small H at that. But the bands run tight & are better constructed than most Brit brands (no tiny biting edge elastic ala Freya). They are the only US brand ive come across that combines US comfort features with a narrower wire & non-molded cups. And a lovely aesthetic. I bought my first one due to Erica’s review of the Luxe. But i think most FF & G ladies will need to size up in the band to get enough cup room.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In fact, your comment reminded me that I am still interested in both of these bras (I had returned them) because they are so damn comfy and pretty! I may indeed size up in the band, as you say. Just waiting for them to go on sale a good amount….


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