Review: Passionata Starlight Unlined Plunge in 30H

I have been very intrigued by the brand Passionata, ever since I tried on a few styles at Nordstrom (a few blog posts ago). I have actually been stalking several of the styles for the past month online, and finally ended up ordering some! 

Passionata is a sister brand of Chantelle. In terms of smallest band/largest cup combination, both brands offer 30H, which is American sizing (30FF is the UK equivalent). Unfortunately this isn’t the widest size range.  I am often a cup size bigger in many brands, but I was pleased to find in my last Passionata attempts that the brand tends to run large in the cup. 

I love Chantelle’s unlined plunge in 30H, C Chic Sexy, so I really wanted to try Passionata’s unlined plunge, Starlight. I figured they would have similar fits.  I ordered this neat color way that presents as very light beige (nude for me) with some neon yellow flare in the form of stars, a diamond grid (of sorts), and a striking v neckline. The bra also comes in pink and black currently (If you look around at Herroom, Barenecessities, and Nordstrom).

Here is the Starlight!

The bra’s design is very unique looking! You can see it is also a bit transluscent. The cups are a bit on the tall side, but the look is cool – like a triangle top. It’s kind of refreshing to not have any bows as well (and I normally like bows!).  This bra is cute and mod and minimalistic and even kinda sexy…without any bows and lace and frills!

The diamond grid design continues on the band, which is a nice touch. In the above photo you can also see that this bra gives a great round shape from the side profile. The wires, you can see, are also a touch on the wide side. They are not quite as wide as the wires on C Chic Sexy, however. I do not note any fit problems from the wires being too wide. 

Sleepy, sick puppy in the background for your viewing pleasure. 😀

The cup size is pretty good here. When I first put the bra on, I thought it wasn’t good for upper or inner fullness. After I swooped and scooped, however, my breasts came closer to the middle, and the cup edges allowed it, for the most part. There is a teeny bit of cutting in, but even that could be diminished if I manually stretched the tops of the cups a bit. So, the bra is allowing upper and inner fullness to a certain extent, but I bet it would be especially great for breasts with more even fullness (and maybe full on bottom?).  

The band has two rows of hooks, with four columns (nice!).  The 30 band fit me perfectly on the second hook, out of four. The band is firm, and actually pretty wide (vertically), which makes it smoothing on the back chub. The straps are fully adjustable, but I did have to adjust them pretty far (they are stretchy) – but I have a short upper torso!

The cleavage this bra gives is pretty nice!  My breasts are close-set, so I wouldn’t mind if the cups were a little bit closer together, but it’s not a bad fit at all. The gore is nice and low, too. 

As for comfort, you can readily see that the bra is all up in my armpit. At first I thought it was way too uncomfortable. But after wearing it a bit, I realized that it didn’t bother me too much. I’ve come to realize that it depends a lot on the fabric, how much I’m bothered. Everything else about the bra was quite comfy. 

Check out the bra under a low V neck:

Works pretty well!

Now, I gotta say, I’m always on the look out for a good unlined plunge. They are hard to find in my size range, and with my shape. That’s why I am quite happy to see that Passionata has this sassy offering that actually works pretty well for me!

Another Passionata review will be coming soon. In the mean time, give this brand a try if you’re looking for a pleasant change! 


2 thoughts on “Review: Passionata Starlight Unlined Plunge in 30H

  1. Vey thorough review! How did you find the band in comparison with C-Chic? I find my C runs quite a bit snugger than Rive Gauche for e.g.


    • Hi Alicia! I think it runs about the same as the C Chic. Maybe a tad looser (although I think C Chic might stretch out quicker – hard to compare that at this point though!). Luckily the Passionata has 4 columns of hooks, so it is very adjustable over time. That’s a nice touch that I wish more brands offered!


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