Review: Ewa Michalak SM Wrozka in 65GG

After my lovely experience with the Ewa Michalak SM Malinka in 65GG, I was looking to acquire some more of those babies! I ended up buying an SM Wrozka secondhand in the same size. While it’s a great looking bra, the fit is a little different. Most notably, the cups are larger – in fact, sadly a bit too large for me – which makes me think that for this brand I may be a few different sizes depending on the style. 

Here are some photos after a very vigorous swoop and scoop – so in these photos it does look like I’m filling the cups. Unfortunately the bra’s loose lace at the top of the cups does begin to gape a bit after moving around, or if I slouch – the swoop and scoop is not quite enough!

Like my SM Malinka, Wrozka dips down into a nice V to give a neckline that works under many tops, and some pretty cleavage. 

The straps are tapered, which helps to distribute the weight, and makes this bra very supportive feeling. The firm 65 band with 3 rows of hooks also adds to the support significantly. 

Look at that romantic black lace! 

I can’t quite tell what’s going on at the bottom here. It looks like the wires are a little below my inframammary fold, but I’m not sure what the reason is. Comparably, the bra has a fair amount of immediate projection, and the wires are medium-narrow. There is plenty of room for upper fullness, as well as some inner fullness here. 

Besides the cups being too big, the other main con was that this bra was less comfortable than the Malinka. The  straps and sides of the cups are a bit more forceful in my armpits. It’s not terribly uncomfortable or anything, but not the most ideal. Wrozka also appears to be a little more full coverage than the Malkinka in the same size. 

The side view shape is pretty darn projected looking. I am wondering if it would look different if I tried a smaller size, the 65G. But I don’t mind this projected shape. It has a nice perkiness, and is actually rather slimming! See how it looks under a T-shirt:

Fairly invisible under a T-shirt! Sweet!

All in all, I love the look of this bra enough to try it in a 65G. Anyone want to swap for my 65GG? I would also sell this beauty for $35 shipped! Lemme know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Review: Ewa Michalak SM Wrozka in 65GG

    • Haha that typo is hilarious! I thought you had coined a new word before I saw your correction. Unfortunately I have already sold this bra. I may have a 65J Comexim halfcup coming in a few days that I may be interested in swapping (if it doesn’t work), but that’s all I got for now 🙂


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