My first Ewa Michalak – 65GG SM Malinka

I’ve been wanting to try Ewa Michalak for awhile, since I hear great things about her bras.  They are generally not as shallow as UK bras, the wire width is usually narrower compared to UK bras, and there are some brilliant designs. There is also a fairly extensive size range, although you’ll have to pay more for 60 bands (28 bands) – ugh. All in all, if you’re feeling meh about UK bras, you may find a good match in Polish bras, like Comexim and Ewa Michalak – or so I’ve heard.

A few months ago I ordered my first Comexim from Comexim’s website. It was a good experience, I loved the bra (the Joy halfcup longline), and it was fairly inexpensive. Ever since, I’ve been wondering when I would place my first Ewa order. I have been holding back because it is more expensive, and it was unclear what my size would be.

I took a low-risk alternative by purchasing a used Ewa Michalak bra on braswap. This bra was a 65GG SM Malinka.

(By the way, whenever I read SM I think Sado-Masochism…)

The SM style bra is unlined, with a gore that is somewhere between a true plunge and a balconette (although depending on your size, the gore gets proportionally lower or higher).  In my size, it is about 3 inches tall.

Here she is:And an up-close look:

I was really afraid the 65GG would be too big in the cups for me (I have heard some say that the SM bras run large in the cups). If I had ordered directly from the website, I would have ordered 65G.  But I’m fairly happy with the 65GG. It requires a full swoop and scoop to fill it all, but I do end up filling it all (and it stays that way).  I am wondering now if 65G would be too small (though I’d like to try it out!).  It may be all right, because this bra has very open edges – it’s great for being full on top (and even more, would appear to require upper fullness).  There is no cutting in anywhere on me.  The area near the gore allows for inner fullness, as well.

The bra is really beautiful – it makes me feel like a queen.  The white embroidery on top of the raspberry is ultra feminine.  I love the cut on the edges of the cups, and I even like the slight tapering on the straps. Such pretty details!

The bra gives some nice cleavage, although not too extreme.  The shape is a bit projected from the side, but not pointy at all (unlike Freya and Curvy Kate unlined plunges on me!).  I’m happy with the shape. As you can see in the photos below, the wires are medium to narrow. The wires are rather high on the sides, but after two straight days of wearing, they do not poke much or cause much discomfort. The wires are very U-shaped, and stay pretty close to my infra-mammary fold. The bra allows for some bottom fullness and immediate projection (it’s not shallow).You can also tell that the straps and cups are very very close to my armpits – a pet peeve of mine.  However, weirdly, it is not bothering me much at all in my two days of wear. I suppose the fabric is soft enough that it doesn’t drive me nuts! In fact, the fabric on the entire bra is lightweight and soft.

As for the band, it’s slightly too big for me. I started on the second column of hooks.  Even so, when I was trying on clothes while wearing it, the band would creep up a bit.  This is a shame.  However, the bra is still quite wearable, and for the most part stays put.

The bra is generally comfortable, though the gore indeed tacks firmly!  I did experience a little bit too much pressing in to my chest when I was lying down wearing it.  So, a small case of a stabby gore.

Lastly, here’s what it looks like under a T-shirt:

Under this shirt, there is a nice, uplifted, projected shape – though not too extreme. I’m a fan of the separated yet lifted cleavage.  The seams show just a little bit.  However, when I put on a tank top with much flimsier fabric, it showed much more of the seams, as well as some of the embroidery.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my first experience with Ewa Michalak. I would like to try more SM bras (they seem great for summer), and perchance a CHP.  🙂

3 thoughts on “My first Ewa Michalak – 65GG SM Malinka

  1. Beautiful bra!
    I just found your blog great reviews and pictures, lots of great information. Also I have to say thank you very much for providing your “Boob Stats”! Your the first bra blog I have found this past year since I started trying to find and have better fitting bras, that actually posted their size, shape, etc. of their breasts.


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