Review: Claudette Dessous Longline in 28G

I am a huge fan of Claudette’s Dessous line, and I have wanted to try the Dessous Longline ever since I laid my greedy eyes upon it on various blogs. Today I’m reviewing the Hot Coral and Polka Dot version of the Longline, which is from Spring/Summer 2014.  The current season’s version features navy blue polka dots, and is still retailing at full retail price (on ASOS), around $80 (ouch!). I bought last season’s version for less than half the price on Zulily recently.

I had only seen reviews of the Claudette Dessous Longline in smaller sizes.  It looked great. But I was interested in seeing how it would fare for my size range.  Well – here’s what I thought.

First off, I love the colors of this bra. The polka dots on top of the muted mauve(? I’m not sure what to call that base color!) are mod and unique.  I’m not usually the biggest fan of polka dots, but the low contrast between the dots and base color I like a lot. The entire back of the band is also hot coral.  Nice color-blocking touch!

We have here also the delightful chunky Dessous bow in the middle (which I have come to love), although the straps do not have the bows. The longline is very short in appearance, and I would prefer it to be a little longer.  The bra features 3 part cups and a very thin, stretchy mesh.  The mesh on the longline is thinner and softer than all the regular Dessous bras I’ve tried (although I haven’t tried any after A/W 2013). When I put the bra on I am very careful, because I am afraid I might rip it (I’m not sure if this fear is founded, however. It may be tougher than it feels!).

As for comfort, the bra, again, is very soft.  Though the straps are a bit wide set, and the tops of the cups come near the armpits, for some reason I never find Dessous cups to be uncomfortable on the armpits. I usually have no problem lounging around in them all day, which is one of the (many) reasons I keep these babies around!  The wires are not too high, and don’t seem to poke. The straps are fully adjustable, and the supportive longline band has 3 rows of hooks in the back.

As for fit, the astute observer should already be noting some significant problems.  While the 28 band is a nice and tight 28, and the gore tacks perfectly, the cups are too small for me!  My boobs are squashed and smashed into the cups, and you can tell because the middle seams are cutting in (giving slight intra-cup quadboob), and my nipples are placed oddly.  In these pics, I have not fully swooped and scooped, but rather shoved my boobs down into the cups.  I would love to try a 30G (the longline does not come in 28GG, unfortunately).

The wires are medium in length, and seem to be about right for me.  The bottom of the cups do not appear to be too shallow – I think the problem is the cups are simply too small for me. So if you have bottom fullness, Dessous may be your bra. The tops of the cups can cut in ever so slightly, but they really aren’t so bad for full on top/tall boobs, either.  I’m always impressed that the Dessous can accommodate my upper fullness, especially if I take my hands and stretch the top ever so slightly.


Like all Dessous bras, the shape the bra gives is round and a little low (which I like).  The bra minimizes a bit (while still giving some cleavage on top), and looks great under a tank top.


I am usually a 28GG in many different bras, and sometimes a 28G, so I would say that if you’re interested in the Dessous Longline, you should go with your larger size.  The ill-fitting 28G Dessous I’m wearing here would mostly likely fit someone who is between 28FF and 28G in most bras (or a true 28G, even).  If any readers are interested in buying it from me for $32 shipped, feel free to contact me!  Tags still attached, only tried on. 😀

Thanks for reading!


Little Lucie


4 thoughts on “Review: Claudette Dessous Longline in 28G

  1. Aw man, if only I were a cup size or two bigger I’d totally buy that off you! Although to be honest, I wouldn’t really consider that bra a longline. Generally I feel like it needs at least 4 columns of hooks to be a longline, but whatever! It’s very cute!


    • Yeah, I agree. Definitely does not look like a longline. It is almost slightly awkward looking because it is is in some kind of no man’s land! It would be awesome if it were an inch longer. Dunno why Claudette is holding out on us. 😉


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