Review: Comexim Joy Longline in 60K

I’m pretty excited to share my first experience with Comexim, a brand from Poland that has become more and more popular internationally over the past few years.  I received the Comexim Joy Longline a few days ago and was instantly amazed.  It is the most beautiful thing I have ever put on my body! Take a look:

I ordered this bra in size 60K, which in UK sizing is 28H (Recall that my normal UK size is in the range of 28G/28GG/30FF/30G, for reference).  Comexim has its own sizing standard, so I was a bit concerned that I would order the wrong size.  I had heard, from those who are more experienced with Comexim sizing, that it is a good idea to order one band size and one cup size up from your normal size, as Comexim runs small. This seems to apply to Comexim’s classic cut, their padded plunge. Comexim Joy is actually a halfcup, and there is less information out there regarding how the halfcups run.  Regarding the Comexim Joy longline in particular, I had actually heard that the 65 band ran very loose, and the cups ran small.  I decided not to risk having a too loose band, and went for the 60, or UK 28, band.  I placed the order, and 21 days later (10 days for them to “make” the bra – Comexim bras are made to order, and 11 days of shipping) it arrived.

Before commenting on fit and comfort, I need to get out of my system how aesthetically perfect this bra is in every way. The colors chosen for this floral print are ridiculously lovely, and even a bit original. It’s very fresh and modern, and with just the right amount of brightness to not be over the top. Warm tones of purple, raspberry, marigold, leafy green, plum, and a tad bit of blue every now and then are elegantly splashed upon an ivory base. Matching green bows are at the straps and gore, and they go just perfectly with the very light beige found on both the straps and the lace overlay which trims the cups.  The overall choices made for the floral pattern, the colors of the flowers, the lace and bows, and the colors for the straps are impressive.  This bra is so wonderfully harmonious!  A+ in aesthetic design.

Let me take a second just to rave about the strap color. You know when someone gives you something that you didn’t know that you wanted or needed?  That’s the experience I had with these straps.  Let me explain. Since summer weather is approaching, I have been concerned with acquiring bras that won’t look ridiculous under a tank top. I am slightly picky about what kind of straps I would accept showing during the summer. The strap can’t be ridiculously wide, would ideally be more pretty than industrial looking, and if all else fails, would be black. I also would not want a white strap peaking out from a tank top – Probably because white is very bright, but not in a “hey look! I’m wearing a neon bra intentionally and it’s fashionable!” kind of way, but rather in an awkward, “oops I’m letting my standard white underwear show” kind of way. The extremely light beige strap color of Comexim Joy is a whole different category that I had never thought of, and I love it: The light beige is so similar to the color of my fair skin that it nearly blends in!  Its other virtues include the fact that it has the perfect width (not too thick, but not so thin that it would hurt and be unsupportive on a fuller bust), and is actually quite pretty and delicate looking: It has a slight sheen, and has a pretty little border along its length (I know this kind of border probably has a name, since I’ve seen it on other bra straps, but I have no idea what it’s called. Help!)

All right. Done obsessing over the straps!  Moving on… Let’s talk about the aesthetics of the bra in relation to the shape it gives – how it makes my boobs look.  Again, at least for my boobs, it gets an A+.  Out of all the bras I’ve tried in the past year none have held my boobs in this particular way, and it is the best way I’ve seen so far! It seems to me that the combination of the rather low gore height, the good amount of projection near the gore to accommodate center fullness, and the openness of the cups to accommodate upper fullness, creates an amazing look where the boobs are pushed up and together, but not so much that the boobs aren’t separated. They are separated, but the perfect amount!

More generally, the shape is very round thanks to the padding (which is actually very light, almost spongy – it actually feels like a menstrual pad for light days!  I know, weird and unfortunate comparison…) and the two vertical seams. It is not as uplifted as an unlined Cleo (at least for me – we will get to why that is in a second) – but I think I might prefer this more  moderate upliftedness. I also love how the cups have a slightly minimized look from the side.

As for wire length, it doesn’t appear that this particular halfcup has the narrow wires that the Comexim padded plunges are known for. I would say that they are medium to wide – at least compared to others in my size range. In the photo below, perhaps they look more medium, but as I am sitting here, I definitely feel the wires under my armpits.

Unfortunately, despite all the crazy awesomeness of this bra, as I have detailed above, there are some key fit issues.  And I’m pretty sure they have to do with the wires, the shape of the cup, and the way the longline band is constructed. Maybe. I’m still learning about this stuff!  The most noticeable fit issue, which got my attention pretty soon after putting the bra on, was the feeling like the wire was not up firmly into my inframammary fold. In fact – and here’s the killer – the wires actually do not lay completely flat against my ribcage at all.  As I’m sitting here on the couch, the wires are floating ever so slightly below my boob.  For some reason, support isn’t entirely compromised by this glaring fit problem – the cups themselves are supporting my breast for the most part, and it seems like the longline band is compensating for the rest of the support. The wires are also not digging into my ribcage, which I suppose is an unexpected good consequence of this issue (Cleo can be a real jerk about that sort of thing). However, the issue does seem to cause the bra to move around a little bit, which can be an annoying sensation or slightly uncomfortable at times. Notably, the wires at the top of the gore do tack pretty well; it is only the wires lower down that aren’t tacking perfectly.

I am really trying to figure out why this is happening. I suspect it might have something to do with the bottom of the cups being a bit too shallow, but I don’t think that would completely explain floating bottom wires. Rather, it may have something also to do with the way the longline band is connected to the wires. In a normal bra with a normal band, the band seems to be attached in such a way that it is in tension with the wires, and pulls them tight to the ribcage.  In this case of this longline, the longline band is nice and tight.  It is nice and snug around my 27 inch ribcage and 24ish waist. But it seems to not be pulling enough on the wires themselves.

I don’t know, man.  Would love to have some insight on what could be the problem here! Am I simply in the wrong size?  Maybe the band is actually too loose for me? Maybe the bottom of the cup is simply too shallow, or the wires are too flexible?

A word on the band – I would say that this 60 band is fairly true to size as far as UK 28 bands go, although as far as I’ve heard about Comexim, would be looser than normal Comexim 60 bands.  The band only features two columns of hooks and eyes – which is a bit disappointing.  But it does have 6 rows! Hence, the bra isn’t going anywhere too far, despite the floating wires! Take a look at the back of the bra:

The longline band is tapered in the front, so it nips in your waist (hopefully your tapering and your waist is where the longline wants it to be! Otherwise it may not work quite correctly for you). The longline is a more appropriate longline length (probably a tad bit more than two inches below the bottom wires) than some of the longlines out there right now that are barely longlines (Freya and Claudette longlines are rather short, for example, in comparison).  Regarding other full bust longlines, I have heard complaints that the longline flips up.  Luckily, this has not been the case at all with Joy after wearing it for two days straight.  It may scrunch a little bit, but not in an altogether unattractive way. Finally, aesthetically, I love the longline band on this bra.  It nips my waist in nicely, and hides typical bra band back fat!

What about comfort? I have some mixed feelings here.  Sometimes I feel like it is more comfortable than a lot of my other bras, but at other times I am not quite so sure.  I may be biased – I want this beautiful bra to be comfortable! Ha. Now, it was certainly pretty comfortable all day when I was out and about, and while I was teaching. However, when I’m sitting around the house, I definitely feel it. For one, the slightly floating wires cause the bra to move a little bit, as I said above, which is irritating. Second – and I think this is the worst problem – the wires come up high on my short upper torso, and so when I’m lounging, poke into my armpit.  Third, the top of the cups dig into my armpit a bit, but I will say that it is not quite as annoying as the rest of my padded bras in this regard. The material is rather soft and thin. Finally, I will say that the longline band is fairly comfortable. It is made out of a smooth and silky fabric, and is elasticated at the bottom. There is no boning at all. The bottom of the longline digs in my torso chub when I am slouching and lying around, but it is not painful and it doesn’t bother me.

Time to look at Joy under a shirt!  Obviously it doesn’t work out well on my infamous pink shirt from H&M…

But it’s not so bad under a dark colored tank top!  The two vertical seams are visible, but it’s not the worst there ever was.

The bra gives nice cleavage, and even a slightly minimal, very rounded look from the side.  See below.  I really like the side silhouette!

One of the coolest things about this halfcup, and which makes me want to try more of Comexim’s halfcups, is the fact that the gore is pretty low for a halfcup, and the cups are more in a V, plunging shape. When I wear other halfcups or balconnettes (like Cleo Lucy), I usually can’t wear a shirt that is too low, or else you might get a good look at the gore if I lean over!  But watch what happens when I lean over in Joy:

Barely any sight of gore! Nice!

Ok. Yes, I know I described some pretty significant fit issues, and the comfort is not quite what I had hoped, but – dammit! – I love this bra.  Look how nice it looks! And the price is seriously amazing. You can’t beat $43 USD shipped for an article of clothing like this. I don’t even mind waiting 3 weeks for it (and that’s saying a lot – I’m an Amazon Prime 2 day shipping kind of gal!).

Combining the amazing way this bra holds me, and the fabulous shape it gives me, its beautiful design, the weird floating wire issues, and the discomfort issues, amounts (by some highly subjective calculation) to me giving this bra a grade of:


I am very interested in trying more of Comexim – but I need your help! Comexim experts, what went wrong with this bra? Can I do better in a different size? A different style?  Has anyone tried any of Comexim’s unlined bras?


Little Lucie


6 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Joy Longline in 60K

  1. I just got mine today and it’s doing the exact same thing! The underwires keep moving away from my body, it’s not entirely uncomfortable but something just doesn’t feel right when it happens. The cups are a bit too small for me, but once the underwires move, they actually fit – so now I’m contemplating whether I should exchange it for a bigger cup or not, because if the wires still move then, the cups might end up looking too big when they actually wouldn’t be … If that makes sense. I absolutely love how it looks though so I don’t know, I’ll probably try and exchange it anyway because I want it so bad ha.


    • Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying! It’s just too pretty not to have! If you get the bigger cup, is there any way you can also go down in band size (or are you already doing a 60) to try to get more stability? I hope Comexim eventually works on this issue, as apparently a bunch of people are noting the lack of stability with the wires. The wires just don’t seem to be attached to the band with the right tension…or something! Thanks for reading and filling me in on your experience!


  2. The wires sort of floating away is apparently a very common problem with this bra. I’ve heard of it happening with just about everyone who owns It. I think it’s caused by the way the band is constructed. The band is very wide and VERY stretchy, and since there is no elastic at the middle of the band, where those wires fall, there is nothing to hold it in to your rib cage. I think this can be sort of fixed by going up a cup size (I am currently on downward fluctuation and the issue is less noticeable) but if the wires are already too wide for you I don’t think that’s a good solution. I would recommend the padded plunges for you, in a band size larger (because the Joy definitely runs MUCH looser) and the same cup volume (so just sister size up).

    It’s Comexim’s first longline, so it’s understandable that there are issues, but this does seem to be an almost universal one.


    • Thanks for your input! I’m just glad I’m not crazy or something! I still love the longline. It’s gorgeous. Hopefully Comexim will become aware of this fit issue, and make the next longline even better, however!

      I definitely want to try a Comexim plunge sometime soon. Thanks for the sizing recommendation – 65J (though maybe 65HH) has been my best guesstimate after some research, so I’m happy you agree!


  3. I have the weird-floaty-wire but not top of the gore problem on SO many bras and I don’t understand it! It seems to be worse in full-band or longlines though. Weird.


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