“T-shirt” Bras Face Off! Part 2.

In my last post, I shared my thoughts about some decent, though less than perfect (for me), “T-shirt” bras in the full bust world.  Let’s take a look at a few more.

I’ll begin with a few versions of Freya’s remarkable Deco.  In my last post I referred quite a few times, by way of comparison, to this firmly molded cup wardrobe staple, which boasts (for many ladies) some of the most voluptuous cleavage you’re ever going to get in a correctly size bra.

Here is the Deco Honey, which has come out in a bunch of pretty jewel-toned colors. It has two neat little buttons at the gore, and the band in the back has a subtle lacey detail.  I am wearing size 28G.

Deco Honey guarantees very round, uplifted, in-your-face cleavage for me and my close-set, high-set boobs. Deco is known for being a bit shallow, and having medium-narrow wires, and yet it works well enough for my moderate projection and medium width. If you are very full on bottom, the bottom of the cup may be too shallow to wear without some discomfort.

The bands on Decos are known for being stretchy, which causes many people to suggest sizing down in the band. Deco Honey’s 28 band is actually quite firm, and doesn’t ride up on me. Combined with its strong cups, and firm straps, Deco Honey offers loads of support.

For me, the problems with Deco arise out of my own aesthetic. I am petite, and Deco makes my boobs look huge under a shirt. Since I have a short torso, my boobs look like they take up my whole upper body. This is worsened because my boobs are high-set, and I feel like there ends up being a lot of poofy cleavage up near my neck (the pictures don’t show this too well, I admit).  I never end up wearing Deco too much because of how booby I look. And the effect is magnified if I wear a tank top!

Deco’s cups and straps also dig into my armpits, not causing pain, but making Deco just annoying enough to not be suitable for lounging around. This, though, is another petite problem.

Here is the recent Deco Vibe, which I tried on quickly in a dressing room:

It appears that the edges of the cup are protruding in the Vibe, which would make it likely to show under a T-shirt (if that bothers you).  Deco Vibe also features a j-hook in the back, which allows you to convert the straps into racer-back. I am sorry to admit that I totally forgot to try it out.

Here’s Freya’s Deco Carly (a style from a few years ago). I kinda like the way the contrast detail along the edges of the cup breaks up the big cup a bit. Deco Charm is a current offering that has that same aesthetic!

It obviously does not do too well under light colored shirts:

Let’s now take a look at the Cleo Maddie. Maddie is different from the bras I have shown so far, as it is a molded balconnette (with a higher gore) instead of a plunge. Unfortunately I have not yet tried Cleo’s other padded balconnette, Juna, so I won’t be able to compare the two. Let me know in the comments how you like Juna compared to Maddie!

Maddie, here, is in 28GG. As far as I can tell, Maddie is not too shallow for my breasts at the bottom, and the cups and band are true to size (a typical tight Cleo 28). The molding is quite thick, so the boobs are well supported and shaped within the cup.

You can see, above, that the wires are on the wider side, and go under the armpit. This doesn’t bother me, though it may lead to fit problems for some. As far as my own problems go, the thin straps on the Maddie are not quite supportive enough, and dig in a bit, making this bra a bit uncomfortable worn all day. This same property of thin straps, however, makes the Maddie less conspicuous under summer tank tops.

There is some nice balconnette-style, subtle, “cakes on a plate” cleavage here.  Maddie seems to accommodate upper fullness or tall roots well – no significant quadboob for me. Here is Maddie under a shirt, below. It is actually pretty close to invisible!  I prefer to wear this bra under a shirt with a pretty open neckline (low scoop neck or v neck), since it can look too bulky with a higher neck.

Finally, below is the newer Freya Icon, a molded plunge, in 30FF.  While this bra is pretty, and looks to imitate the popular Natori Feathers, I knew from the second I put it on that it wasn’t working for me. The wires are wider than the Deco’s, and the bra is shallow and closed on top, with very little room for inner fullness close to the gore. The bra flattened and spread out my boobs oddly.

Since my boobs are high set, and I have a short upper torso, the longer triangular upper cups come up pretty high on me, which does not look as it seems it should. The Icon could be a good match for breasts that are more full on bottom, shallow, and not quite so high set.

Of all of these bras, though I like the Deco, I have found the Maddie to be one that I reach for more often – especially under tank tops or professional clothing.  But Maddie is a bit more bulky than I would like, as well as a bit too wide for comfort.

In my next post, Part 3, I’ll take a look at some T-shirt bras from Le Mystere and Curvy Kate.

Thanks for reading!


Little Lucie


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