A Quest for Full Bust Bikini Tops, Part 2

I reviewed a few ASOS bikini tops and a Miss Mandalay bikini top last week, and today’s post I will add to my full bust swim exploration!

First up, we have a keeper from ASOS’ full bust D-G brand. It is ASOS Fuller Bust Miami Palm Print Longline Bikini Top DD-G, and it retails for $36. I have been wanting to try a longline for the past year, but haven’t until now had a chance. I love the longline fad (is it a fad? I think it should stay!) especially for full busts, because the extra fabric (and sometimes boning) down the torso adds to the bra’s support. Longlines also seem to have a smoothing effect where there would normally be a a slight poofing out of skin/flesh below a tight, supportive band. The smoothing effect makes your torso look smaller, and can function to create a more pronounced hourglass shape.

ASOS’ bikini longline, below, is exactly what I had hoped for:

The top features molded cups with light padding, and fully adjustable straps. The top of the cups have a sticky strip that (I believe) is supposed to keep the cups close to the skin during swimming. The nice part of this longline is that there is some boning along the sides, which keeps the extra longline fabric from flipping up. So far, the boning does not feel uncomfortable, even when sitting.

I chose my usual UK size 30G (U.S. 30I), and it fit really nicely. As typical so far with the ASOS 30 bands, the 30 bands run nice and tight, and would fit someone who wears 28 bands. The cups seemed to be true to size. They had a fair amount of projection to accommodate my moderately projected breasts. The half cup style here is also suitably open on top, to accommodate some upper fullness. The only fit problem I experienced was the gore not fully tacking, and the reason seems to be my center fullness and my being very close set. This did not bother me, however, and I did not feel like support was compromised.

Next, we have a bikini top that I had been excited about. It’s so sexy! Alas, it does not fit.  Take a look at the Freya Gold Rush Underwired Bandless Halter Bikini Top, also purchased here at ASOS. This non-molded top features soft, stretchy, metallic swim fabric, a clasp back, and a tie halter.

Unfortunately, in this style, Freya’s smallest back/largest cup combination is 30FF. Why, Freya, why? The 30FF I ordered was too large in the band (consistent with Freya 30 bands in general running large), and too small in the cup. These issues combined to result in the top feeling very unsupportive. But one of the most significant fit issues is how shallow the cup is.  Come on, Freya, learn from ASOS on this one!  Recall from my last swim post how ASOS has a similar style that has a very good amount of projection (and is more than half the price…). Take a look at how flat the sideview looks:

You can see the obvious quad boob along the center of the top, that results from my breasts really needing some more room to project! Even if Freya did produce a 30G (or even better: a 28GG), it may be that the shallowness of the design may prevent a good fit for me.  This is disappointing, because I would love to have Freya’s bandless halter bikini tops as another swim option – especially since they have been producing such cute designs.  My fiance was pretty annoyed that this one didn’t fit. His first reaction was: “THAT’S sexy!” It reminded him of the infamous gold outfit worn by Princess Leia, of course. So, if you want a sexy option this summer, have shallow breasts, and fit Freya’s limited size range in this style, I encourage you to go for this one. I’m jealous.

Third, I was attracted to the idea of having a red bathing suit, so I decided to try the ASOS FULLER BUST Mix and Match Contrast Hidden Underwire Bikini Top DD-G in red/black. This top retails for $31. I had tried a similar top in the same style before (which I covered in my last swim post), and had found that while the the UK 30G was far too small in the cup, the 32G was still tight enough in the band, and better in the cup.  So, in this top I ordered a 32G:

This UK 32G non-molded top runs (wonderfully) tight in the band, and small in the cup.  The design is also very shallow, and I get quadboob all over. You can see it in the photo below:

The top does have a bright, sporty look, and it is attractive. I personally would prefer that the top has less of a halter look around the top, and a slightly more string bikini look. Below, the top is paired with some high waisted swim bottoms that I also decided to try.

I love the high waisted swim look in general, and was hoping that it would be flattering on me. Unfortunately, I am starting to realize that high waisted bottoms may look better on a longer torso (these were also, it seemed, a little too small). So sad!

Stay tuned for reviews of some of my favorite bras, within the upcoming week.


Little Lucie

4 thoughts on “A Quest for Full Bust Bikini Tops, Part 2

  1. First of all great blog, too few bra review blogs are out there, especially for us who are slim but heavy busted. so big thanks for that!
    However, I have to say, as someone who works in the lingerie business, that the first bikini does not fit you correctly. The band seems to be fine (but it is hard to tell without a clear profile and back picture. It is the cups that are too small. Had this been a regular bra that you would have to wear clothing over, it would show in a matter of hours because you would have to constantly adjust the cups, every time you bend down. Had it been me, I would have second thoughts going to the beach and doing anything but tan because of this, and had you come to a place where I work, you would have without a doubt gotten a cup size bigger. 🙂


    • Thanks for your thoughts. The top may look small in the photos but really the cups fit quite nicely. I went to the Jersey Shore a few months ago and this was the best bikini top for body boarding in the big waves. My boobs stayed put all the time, with no adjusting or overflow! I’m sure I would also fit in the next size up too.


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